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April 6, 2023 11:34 PM

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A few months ago, while in prayer, the Holy Spirit led me through an amazing Word concerning His End Times Army. It was long and full of Bible verses. I asked Father if He wanted me to share it publicly, to please bring it all back to memory so I could type it up. He was faithful to repeat it to me exactly the way I had heard it during prayer. And so I shared it, all for His glory. That Word was entitled, ‘THE LORD’S END TIME ARMY’. It’s an amazing and very exciting Word where Father depicted many details pertaining to His Army.

Months later, on one particular evening the Holy Spirit sat me down and took me through an amazing trail concerning the ‘2 Witnesses’. I was astonished of His revelations and so excited to share. I had conveyed many end times messages concerning famines, wars, earthquakes, pestilences, disasters and death. I was so happy to deliver a more uplifting Word. If you have missed it, please check it out. It will be well worth it. To avoid making a super long video, I made it into 3 parts. There is nothing more extraordinary than sitting at Yeshua’s feet and have His Spirit teach us, lead us, and open our minds to understand His Scriptures.

This Word on the ‘2 witnesses’ was very much outside anything I had ever heard or been taught in the church. The Holy Spirit whispered, ‘unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter into the kingdom of heaven’. That is, unless we develop a pure and simple faith like little children’s, we will not enter heaven. People in Yeshua’s times struggled to believe He was the Messiah, that He had finally come. He didn’t seem to fit into their preconceived notions of what the Messiah was going to look like or do. The Jews thought He was supposed to liberate them from the Roman oppression and reign as their king. Instead, our Saviour came to free mankind of its bondage to sin. And He accomplished that by laying His life down only so He could pick it up again on the third day. How many times does the Holy Spirit show us truths that to our mortal minds may sound unattainable!? And yet Yeshua invites us to trust in Him. For in Him, ANYTHING is made possible! It may seem far-fetched, especially to those who rely heavily on the doctrines taught in the church, to believe that the ‘2 Witnesses’ are not actually 2 individuals that have lived in past Bible times. Again, WHO ARE THE ‘2 WITNESSES’? -Parts 1-3, covers this in detail. I will not repeat it here. But please refer back to those resources. Listen and study them carefully.

Next, Yah led me to study the mystery involving the 144,000. Who could these faithful, undefiled, Jewish virgins in whom no guile is found be? The Holy Spirit has taught me that these are men and women who have not defiled themselves with the doctrines of man, nor the ways of Babylon, but have remained faithful to their Bridegroom. They have been purchased among men by His redeeming blood and they follow the Lamb wherever He goes. Their lives are a true testament of the transformation that has occurred inwardly, the circumcision of their hearts. Having left behind the pleasures of the world, they have willingly laid their lives down to please the Master in all things. These individuals are the SOLD OUT group and they will persevere in their calling until their end.

As I pondered on the revelations pertaining to the ‘2 Witnesses’ and ‘the 144,000, I noticed many similarities. I realized that these revelations superimposed each other. So, I started questioning Father if these groups were actually one and the same: Yah’s Army, the 144,000 and the ‘2 Witnesses’. After further study into the Word, the conviction really set in that this was indeed the case.

Brothers and sisters,

the 144,000 are the overcomers, the firstfruits of the Spirit, Yah’s End Time Army and the ‘2 Witnesses’!! HalleluYah!!

One of the things that really solidified this belief was when I was led to watch the movie, THE GOSPEL OF JOHN. The movie itself is an amazing portrayal of the life of Yeshua. The producers have done an incredible job to reproduce a pretty close account as in Scriptures. I sat there listening intently to all of Yeshua’s words spoken in the movie, while following along in my Bible. The more I listened, the more the Holy Spirit highlighted parallels to me between Yeshua’s life and the 144,000.

I will share here what I have been given prophetically. Please take it all to Father for confirmation.

The 144,000 is a special group of individuals comprised of men and women who are closely living in covenant with Father. Their position is not one anyone can pray over and receive. These individuals have been chosen directly from Yah before the earth was created. Just like Father provided a way for mankind to be saved through Yeshua’s blood, knowing Adam would fall in the garden of Eden, in like manner, the 144,000 will bring the Bible full circle. Their purpose is to be present on earth specifically during End Times in order to facilitate Father’s End Time harvest. They are entrusted to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth, to turn the father’s hearts to their children and viceversa. To bind the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom to the captives, to release from darkness the prisoners, and to proclaim the coming of our King, Yeshua Hamaschiac. To fight against demons and the hordes of Satan. They are the oaks of righteousness, the planting of Yah, Jerusalem and the Bride of Christ.

Do not be surprised to hear that they are currently living on the earth although hidden in plain sight. Their time has not yet come. Remember what Yeshua told His mother at the wedding in Cana, that His time had not yet come? It wasn’t until He was 30 years old that He performed His first miracle. To Him has been given the power to transform the 144,000 from ordinary human beings (water) into extraordinary ones (wine). He surely has saved the best for the last!

They will set out to perform more miracles, signs, wonders and mighty exploits than Yeshua did. Their ministry will be unmatched. For they will receive the FULLNESS of Christ when the Holy Spirit’s latter rain is poured out on them and they will be Yeshua’s Witnesses. Their teachings, anointings and authority has been handed to them directly from Yah. Therefore, NOTHING will prevail them, not before their appointed time. They will set out with faces like flint and march only at the beat of His drum. They will move only according to the Spirit of the Most High, not looking to their right nor left. Nothing will shake them or frighten them. They will lead many lost souls to reconciliation with Yeshua and to receive eternal life. They will preach the Truth about Yah’s Word and nothing but the truth they have heard straight from Yah’s throne for they minister before Him day and night.

Through their earthly journey they have learned to dwell in the secret place of the Most High, to constantly repent and to delight in His Word more than anything. They have cast aside all that the world has to offer because they know there is so much more to life in Yeshua than there will ever be anywhere else. The world is not their home; they are heaven-bound. Although living here on earth, they reflect Yah’s mind bridging the gap between the brethren here on earth and Father. They have learned to love Father’s refiner’s fires of afflictions for they know that through them they have been purged, cleansed and purified to become a radiant Bride, blameless and holy.

Yeshua first coming was to set an example for them. Now that they are here, they are following precisely in His footprints. He is cheering them on and so is all heaven. The 144,000 have been appointed to perform various missions for Yah. When their time of prophesying will come to an end, they will be overcome and killed. But death will not be able to hold them. For they will resurrect after 3 and a half days. Who could have written such a marvelous plot, such a perfect ending to His story? The Bride who gets to lay down her life as an act of FULL submission to Yeshua’s will in the same manner He did for Father.

The 144,000 are the Sons of God in Rom.8:19. They are also the Firstfruits of the Spirit in Rom.8:23.

When the Holy Spirit’s latter rain comes, the 144,000 will receive the Father’s seal upon their foreheads -the seal of righteousness (Rom.4:11).

There are so many passages in Scriptures that are hidden in plain sight and testify about the 144,000. It is only with the help of the Holy Spirit that you can decipher them. For instance, Ezekiel 37 is one of them. Where it recounts the resurrection of the Army that laid in the valley of the dead dry bones. The creatures in Ezekiel 1 is another passage that illustrates many features pertaining to the 144,000. This Word is merely an overview of many revelations I have been given on this subject. I will provide the Scripture references at the end of this document. Please take the time to go through them with the help of the Holy Spirit so He can help you glean through them and explain it to you in details. Pull out your Bible, sit at Yeshua’s feet and meditate on these things. For the time of the great reveal is at hand. Are you watching expectantly for this event?

What does the life of the 144,000 look like? Examine Yeshua’s first coming to get a clear picture. The Word says that nothing about Yeshua’s appearance would have attracted us to Him, yet He was the Son of the Most High. He taught with godly wisdom and authority without attending Torah classes. He performed all sorts of miracles through the Holy Spirit within Him. He loved much. He was lowly, meek and humble. A servant to all. He left us an example for us to obey and it’s no coincidence that the Word says that the 144,000 follow the Lamb wherever He goes, meaning that they do precisely as He did. The 144,000 are the embodiment of Yeshua; His hands and feet on this earth. They are ordinary men and women, so much so that their own families deny they can be the 144,000. Yeshua’s own brothers teased Him about attending the Feast of Tabernacles saying he should go to manifest His miracles and draw the crowds. But Yeshua was not looking for publicity. The 144,000 will heal multitudes, deliver from demons and command plagues on the earth, all to bring glory to Yah, not for fame.

Yeshua dealt with threats, obstacles and confrontations at the hands of the high priests and Pharisees. The 144,000 will face the same through the Pharisees of our times – those who have been indoctrinated by false teachings- who will greatly oppose them, hate them, even wish them dead.

Be aware that during End Times, when the 144,000 will be out to perform many signs and wonders, that MANY false prophets will also be out to deceive and confuse the multitudes. Pray for discernment to be able to distinguish Father’s anointed ones from the counterfeit. Do not be content to having a lukewarm relationship with Yeshua and risk being vomited by His mouth. This is not the time to be slacking. Seek intimacy with Yah and to be forged by His Spirit. Delight yourself in your Secret Place and in His Laws.





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