MY POWER – Anna Jacobs

July 22, 2018
By Anna Jacobs


Last night, I had two dreams. In the first dream I was aware that I was in Washington DC. I was walking through a whole bunch of rubble. I went atop the rubble of a bridge that had been destroyed (after looking this up online, it appears it must be the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge). Most of the bridge was under the water, but I could see some of the higher structure of the bridge still above the water at the shore, lying on its side (now seeing a picture, I wonder if it was the Washington Monument that I saw that had fallen over, and that was the rubble on the shore). I was walking atop that rubble and looking inland. I could see the Capitol building of the United States. It too was severely damaged and leaning. It was cracked in many places, and I could see that it was going to fall. The government had sent certain workers to try to retrieve certain things at the site, or to repair something. I don’t know what they were trying to retrieve or repair, but whatever it was, it was a hopeless cause, because I could see that the Capitol building was about to fall. I tried to go over to the workers and warn them that it was going to fall. But they assured me that the government said it was safe, and they continued working. At some point in the dream, the Capitol Building started to crumble, and I could see it shifting and getting ready to fall. I called out to the workers again and said, look, the Capitol building is shifting and getting ready to fall! This time, the workers listened to my warning and dashed away, as did I, just in the nick of time as it fell. Later in the dream, I remember I continued walking through a lot of rubble. I remember going into one of the museums in Washington DC. It had something to do with the Holocaust and the Nazi regime (I later Googled this and found that there is a United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC). Many of the memorials that sought to remember the evil atrocities of World War II were completely ravaged, but I had a knowing in my dream that it was not because of some accident but because certain people were trying to cover up something. I was walking through this Museum, and the monuments and exhibits were smashed up and fallen over (and some were missing), and I remember thinking about what it looked like before it had been destroyed. I was very sad, knowing someone (a group, not individual) had a malicious intent.

In my second dream, I was riding on a train. Suddenly, the train came to the end of the tracks (it was like the tracks had just disappeared where there should have been tracks), but the train was going full speed ahead and could not stop. But instead of crashing, the train continued. The driver of the train turned the steering wheel and caused it to keep going on a sidewalk that was there and nicely paved. It continued to go as it sped through a college campus. The driver did not attempt to stop the train. But it seemed to have no problem continuing on without a track. End of dream.

I have asked the Lord about these dreams, and I heard His reply in my spirit, “My daughter, what you have seen in your dream of Washington DC is really going to happen. It will be a heap of rubble. Yet, my daughter, your dream also speaks of a spiritual reality. The bridge you saw represents my Spirit. He is the one who connects every soul on the Earth with me, who draws everyone to my Son, Yeshua Hamashiach, and who is ever interceding in prayer for my elect. Yet, my daughter, a time is coming and even now has come when my Spirit will be removed from the Earth. He is even now holding back the calamity that has to come upon this Earth for the sins that have risen to me as a stench of abomination. My daughter, do not pray that these things be taken away, that this wrath be postponed or removed, for the time is set, and I must cleanse my world from the pollution that keeps my true work from growing. I will be taking my people to myself to train them for my work, and with them will be taken my Spirit from the Earth. You know He is the one who is restraining this evil that has been set in motion, and once He is taken, then all light will go out, and all the forces of darkness will take their stand against me and my Holy One, the King I have set on Zion. These are the foreboding words you heard in your spirit as you walked through the ravaged museum. No more will wickedness be memorialized as wickedness. It will be out in the open. Grief for sin and for atrocity will be no more. Satan will do his evil deeds in full daylight, yet it will not be daylight; it will be the dead of night spiritually, and people will be weeping and gnashing their teeth. My daughter, the crumbling Capital building represents the crumbling nation that is before you now. The politicians in this nation think that it can be repaired and salvaged. But it is too far gone for that. It will indeed fall with a great crash! I will send my 144,000 back to this earth to bring about restoration for those who will call upon me. (In the dream), you stood there as one of them, a voice in the wilderness, calling out for them to prepare for my judgment. Now, they do not heed your voice, but a time is coming and even now is here when they will listen, because I will make them listen. Now, they listen to the politicians and the governments of this world who falsely promise peace and security, yet they are blinded to see the cracking structures of government that cannot possibly hold another moment. They will indeed come crashing down! The governments of this world cannot stand, but I will overcome them! I send my messengers of mercy to warn the inhabitants of this world, even as they are in the process of crashing down. Some will escape with their lives, many by the skin of their teeth, because I have prepared their hearts to listen to my servants the prophets on the appointed day.

I, the LORD, will do all these things, and I will not change my mind! Your second dream speaks more directly to the power of my mighty hand which I will work through my 144,000 in that day. They are currently a train on tracks. They are tied down by the religious system and many other hindrances, including their own weakness of body and spirit. Yet, a time is coming and even now is here, when I will pour out my Spirit upon them with such fullness that they will rise up with wings of eagles. They will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint! I am going to use my great Army to bring relief to the suffering and glory to the downtrodden. I will bring my glorious gospel to the world as never before, for all the hearts of men are ready to be reaped! I am doing this mighty thing, and nothing can stop my work! This is why the train you saw was racing full-speed ahead. A time is coming and even now is here when that train will not be bound by the tracks of religion and limited by the frailty of the flesh. It will go throughout the earth, and it will pass by the human systems of knowledge. It will supersede all human wisdom. I am the LORD, and I will do what pleases me! I will not be mocked, and my Word WILL go out in all the fullness of my power! I am the LORD! I am angry with this generation because they have not known the day of their visitation. Oh, wake up all my people, you who sit in the pews of churches week after week! Have you not seen that my power is not present among you? Where is the power? Will you suffer my Name to be dragged through the mud? You will not speak up because you have no power! You are cowards, because you have no power! My Spirit is grieved because of you, and I pour Him out only upon the meek and contrite of heart who have repented of their sins before me and have turned from their wicked ways, but you dabble in evil every moment! Is there a time when you are not consumed with the passions of this world? Oh my polluted people, turn now! Repent, or I will spew you out of my mouth, says the LORD, into the outer darkness, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

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