My Persecuted Sons and Daughters – Cheryl Adama

Cheryl Adama

September 12, 2018

My Persecuted Sons and Daughters

My counsel to all who live in places of persecution – throughout the whole world – is this; stay close to Me. Make it your sole occupation to keep your heart clean before Me, making sure you do not give way to bitterness, anger nor fear. For realize that these are catalysts for the enemy to take aim upon you. Do not keep hold of hurt of what is happening to you, but forgive. This MUST be your daily task, for you know that the devil is like a roaring lion looking for all who he make devour. Keep your heart humble before Me, give to Me all things that it holds – be transparent with Me, confess immediately any sin you harbor or have committed – to turn from it. For you are in a dangerous place, but a place where I will surely cover you, to give you the strength, grace and peace you will need to endure. I will also give to My joy – and this will be My signature upon you, to testify My Name among all. I will give to you the words you must speak, be sure to speak them for to hold back will stunt your spirit, for to speak what I say, is like giving you a burst of what they deem ‘super-food’ to your spirit – to speak is not only for the good of those around you but also to your very soul. Be not afraid – for I give to all who would walk in the path I have laid out for them! I also have waiting for each of My dear ones who are in these places great reward that will far exceed what is now. I give to all My own, the ability to go through what it is they must go through. I give to all who are My own My grace in the time of their need – for they are connected directly to my ear and My eye never leaves them and My arm is not shortened that it cannot save! Do not make the ‘rescue’ of your situation your mission and prayer. But instead ask Me to give to you what it is that you are in need of – for it is I who only knows what it is you need and is good for you. As you draw closer to Me, I will draw close to You and tell you things that you do not know. I will pour out upon you grace to do all that I ask you and you will know My peace and My joy – in the midst of the evil you are in. Praise My name – in all things – give to Me the glory and honor for this is powerful in the spirit. Sing to Me, even if it be in your mind, under your breath – sing to Me my children – and you will do great work in the heavenly realm. Do not be afraid, nor give way to fear – instead give the fear you encounter to Me and ask Me for what it is I have to give to you. Give to Me your sorrow and your pain and let not these be your story. Remember My apostles and disciples as the scriptures read, you know very little of what they endured for My name – they endured great things, but the pages written by them are about Me, I am taught, I am encouraged and revealed through their account. In the place where you are, you will know the power and presence of the living God – as you give to Me your very life as those who in these last days, ‘will not love their own lives’ but their love of their God will be their life and mission. You are My burning flames, that have My heart burning within – and will hear Me no matter what is going on around you and happening to You. Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world, and you need only to follow Me, for I know the way. Look to no man – to fear him. But look to Me and desire to know the fear of God – and I will give to you this understanding and you will be bold as a lion and My pride and joy as you fear none, but only Me and I will give to you the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that you are in need of so you may share it to others and you will be like rivers of living water to the dry and thirsty all around you. Remember, the name above all names is the one who is over all things; I AM is who is in control of all things, no matter what your eyes see. I have given you the right to come to the one in charge of all things, let not anything come in the way of this, for remember I am above all things and reside not in the world. Seek My face in all things, do not seek ‘the all things’ – for Me to answer or resolve – Seek only Me.

May we as those – who do not live under persecution (yet), pray for those who do. See: Our Brothers and Sisters in Need.

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