My people, my people, my people – Patti Young

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My people, my people, my people

June 29, 2024 4:42 AM
Patti Young

The Lord’s presence was with me tonight and he began to speak. I could sense in my spirit all day that he wanted to speak.

“My people, my people, my people, many of my Elect are being pulled away from me, my heart is broken. They are being lured away from me just as the serpent lured Eve away from the truth.”

Many of those who are speaking prophecy are but puppets used by the enemy to lure my own away from my truth, closeness and intimacy with me.

My people are following other idols, gods of the religious sect.

I have set up an open court for those who are mine, to come and enter into my presence, commune and sup with me, but they will not disrobe of themselves to enter in. No flesh shall enter in, but by their spirit alone. They will not die to their flesh nor be purified by me, for I am a Holy God.

When they are purified, and sanctified by my hands, then shall they enter in, sit with me and enter into my presence and my fullness. I desire the intimacy with my beloved, for have I not given my life for your redemption and given you freedom from this world and its desires in exchange for an eternal life with me? Oh how I love my own, for you are my hearts desire.

The Bridegroom shall not keep waiting for those to let go of their idols and gods, and the faces they seek out and run to, for their desire is to hear from man and his words spoken, yet they do not seek mine. Is it not the same as one who run to hear those who speak words of divination? These speak falsely and gather as covens to draw the crowds.

Your Bridegroom is coming, and I have prepared a wedding feast for my Bride.

Draw close to me, stay by my side, keep your lamps full, for the time is short and no man knows the hour of my return.


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