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January 5, 2021 11:33 PM

5 January 2021 Early Morning

My People, why do you always listen to the voice of the evil one? I try many times to speak to you, but you won’t listen. You’re too busy caught up with the things of this world. I want to prepare you for the things that are soon coming. Anything that is not of Me in this world, must be destroyed. This sounds harsh, I know, but do you want to live in a world surrounded with sin, sickness, disease, with evil, ungodly people and beings that are not human, but are satanic, whose soul purpose is to destroy you?

A world controlled by the devil, fallen angles and demons, who inhabit evil people, and they all go about stealing, killing and destroying. They genetically modify your food, which causes sickness and diseases such as cancer. Your food is blasted with pesticides and herbicides. They purposely pollute your water with slow acting poisons and chemicals.

The air you breath is full of nano particles of barium and aluminum. Think what that will feel like when the deep state turns up their microwave power weapons and those metal particles inside you heat up and start sparking, like metal in a microwave oven. The air is also filled with bacteria and viruses and other nano particles that will assist them in converting your DNA to satanic DNA, that will happen when the mark of the beast is given, that if you don’t take it, you won’t be able to buy or sell. But if you do take the mark of the beast, you seal your fate, and will spend eternity in hell and in the lake of fire.

But, are you aware that the vaccine they are pushing for you to take, will also change your DNA to satanic DNA? They say it is a new technology, but it is not. They have been testing it on animals for the last twenty years, killing almost every animal and making the unfortunate ones very sick for life.  BEWARE! I have given you your immune system to protect you, not these injections which are very poisonous. DO NOT TAKE THEM!

Do you now understand why I must destroy all evil? There are many other things being done to harm you by the evil, satanically controlled people world wide. You don’t need to know these very evil plans they have against you. You must keep your thoughts on Me only! I have already started to bring the Kingdom of God to this earth.

Everything that will happen to this world is written in My Holy Word. Are you reading My Word? Are you hiding My Word in your heart? What if they went door to door during martial law, taking your Bibles away from you? What would you do then? My judgments will come suddenly upon this nation and the whole world. I AM trying to get you prepared so that you won’t be shaken. For everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

I don’t want you to be fearful. I want you to know and to be confident, that I AM with you. That I will protect you and keep you safe. But you must come to Me and spend time with Me daily. You must obey Me when I speak to you. You must obey My Holy Word. You must learn to hear the voice of My Spirit, for your help, directions, and instructions will surely come to you from My Spirit. Like a mother hen who gathers her chicks, I will keep you safe under the shadow of My Wings. Now is the time, do not waste another day. Come to Me in prayer. Pray for your families and friends, your city and your nation, even the whole world that they might not be lost.

For great evil and great deceptions have come upon your nation and the world. Nothing is as it seems. Even now, there are beings who are not of Me, who are pure evil walking among you who are unable, and will never be able to have the Fruit of My Spirit in their lives. You must put on the Whole Armor of God daily and be led by My Spirit so that you are able to stand against the attacks of the enemy. For I will protect My Sons and Daughters. But you must put Me first in your life and not let the world, the flesh and the devil control you. Don’t just read about the Whole Armor of God, you must put it on! It must become a part of you! I love you with an everlasting love, draw close to Me and I will draw close to you! Seek Me and you will find Me, when you search for Me with your whole heart. Prepare! for hard times are coming. Prepare for Me, for I AM coming soon, very soon!

Your King and Savior who loves you,

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