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My Peace Surpasses All Understanding
Posted on April 28, 2019

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear, for these are the ones with the eyes to see where we are on My perfect timeline. Watch events in Israel, for they will go forward with their plans. They believe in their hearts that My Father will receive the sacrifice of animals as atonement for human sin. He receives no sacrifice, but they must fulfill what is written in My word, and they will soon bring the temple and the sacrifice back to the forefront. This is coming soon, My children, for this is spoken of in My word. I will bring some to Me in due time, but others will remain with blinders on moving forward with their plan as the fulfillment of My word. Israel is the marker that has been set in stone in time since the foundation of your earth. You can watch the signs all around you, but Israel is the true marker as to where you are on My prophetic timeline. Many who believe in and follow Me believe that there will take place an all-encompassing snatching away of every single believer including every single child and even those what childlike minds. What a simple plan that would be, but, My children, My plan is far more intricate than that and includes many things beyond your ability to understand. Some will see far less than they expect to see going forward, while others will see more than they expect. Realize that I have an individual plan for each child of Mine. Hearts will be refined and prepared, and this will require different experiences for each. I do not relish in human suffering, My children, but I will allow some to face certain circumstances when it will bring them to a place of wholeness within Me. Picture a field glistening in the sun. Each stock of grain across the field is exposed to different amounts of Sun, wind and rain. Therefore, the ripening process takes place at different times even though the grain is planted within the same field. Just as My relationship is individualized with each of My children, their preparations are individualized as well. Some are ready to receive their marching orders and will be receiving them soon, while others will receive My directives at different times. This has nothing to do with favoritism. It has nothing to do with how much I love My children. All of these things were set and known in the beginning and will play out exactly how and when I’ve chosen, as this has been preordained. Remember, My children, I am a merciful Creator, a fair Judge and a Father that loves beyond measure each and every one that I created. Do not look upon another and wish for what the other has, for each individual heart will receive all that it needs, and all who have received Me will share eternity with Me in My kingdom. When you keep in mind the big picture of your eternal salvation spent with your King, your earthly troubles will simply melt away. Every single person has a role to play, and though you may not see it now, you will be used as one of many in bringing in My harvests and bringing My plan to completion. My sacrifice on the cross that was given freely to all that will receive Me enables My plan to unfold. My death on the cross is the true cornerstone of all things past, present and future. When you trust in My finished work on the cross, it is easier for you to see that My plan for you going forward is perfect as well. Rest in this now, My children, knowing that My perfection can not be improved upon. My mercy cannot be added to, and My love for you can not be expanded upon. Do not become angry when you see prophecy unfolding. This is anger resultant from your flesh and not understanding of the big picture. Just as My death on the cross was preordained, these events taking place in Israel are preordained, and the contribution by the leader of your once great nation is preordained as well. Do not let these things anger you, but embrace them. These things must occur, for little do they know, My prophecy unfolds by their very doing. Remain in rest, My perfect rest, as you watch these things unfold. Rely not on your feelings or opinions, but upon My wisdom. It will be granted to those who seek it. I see so much hate aimed at these plans of men. Restrain yourself from hating these plans, as nothing will occur that has not been in the works since the foundation of time. All that I do is perfect, and all that I allow is perfect. Rest in this. Be at peace with this and all that is to come. I love you, My children. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach

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