My Own Come Together Now – Only a Grain of Sand

My Own Come Together Now

Sep 19, 2019, 6:53 AM
Only a Grain of Sand


September 9, 2019

The walls, the barriers between the different denominations, in My House, My Church must collapse. Now! You must join hands, and become one Body of believers in Christ Jesus the Messiah.

Those that continue to criticise other members of My Body, are in sin. As the perscecutions intensify across the globe, and become international law, you will realize that differences, must be disolved, among all Christians. You must come together as one, to succor, protect, and save each other, from the beast system.

I AM demands silence, now, as regards anathematizing, marginalizing, or demonizing members of the Christian Church. Do Not Destroy Each Other! Do not divide My House, My Church. Be agents of Peace & Love & Reconciliation. For the time of fraternal differences is over. Those that continue to feel superior to others, speak harsh words, or work to destroy their Brothers & Sisters in My Body, will suffer at My Hand.

Your Lord & Savior Jesus


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  1. If I may be so bold……this warning of division shouldn’t apply to those that are “not” Christian, like Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness, Christian Science, Scientology etc. But to the others on the edge or fringe of Christianity like Seven Day Adventists, Roman Catholics, Church of Christ, I will not speak Pro or Con as it refers to this word, for there are redeemed ones within them……..but I think this word is intended to mean groups like: Pentecostals vs Baptists and or Methodists vs, Church of the Nazarene etc.

  2. Tim

    To all with ears to hear,

    This is an absolutely true word. Yet, too many are deceived, and believe a lie.

    We are not to criticize/judge others, period. God is the only judge. Yet we ARE to use righteous judgment – we are to stand up against intolerance and injustice, defend the weak, and help the poor.

    Was this country (for international readers, I am referring to the USA) not FOUNDED upon the freedom to worship God as we choose??? All too many have totally forgotten this!!! This isn’t just a statement for the Baptist’s, the Methodists, the Episcopalians, etc. It is valid for ALL OF GOD’s children, for there is only ONE GOD. He holds his hands out wide FOR ALL, whether Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew, Tao, Shinto, or yes, Christian!!

    Our Father IS FAR, FAR GREATER AND MAGNIFICENT than we can even BEGIN to comprehend, and our divisions are ALL man-made!!! Why did Jesus talk to the Samaritan woman?? Even she knew that the Jews had nothing to do with them!! But He was trying to show her the TRUTH, the TRUE worship, and NOT the ways of men.

    We are to treat ALL men and women with respect, kindness, and love. Or, what part of the Great Commandment did JESUS GET WRONG???? He did NOT tell us to love God with all our heart, and to love your CHRISTIAN neighbor, but the “rest of ’em can take a hike!!”

    When Paul wrote about the “letter of the law” being death, he was NOT JUST talking about the Torah, people. We fight, argue, and split hairs about the meaning of this verse, or the meaning of that parable!!! This puts the teachings of Jesus TO SHAME, and we owe Him better than that, let alone the Father!!

    I already know many people will not like what I am saying here. Jesus said that they will hate you, because they hated me first, and I already know the hate will come.

    Nonetheless, I know whom I serve. Read about the rainbow, the ephod, the construction of the tent (tabernacle), Joseph’s multi-colored coat, as well as the 12 trees in Revelation, and the one like a Son of Man speaking to the messengers of the 7 assemblies in Asia. These all allude to the same thing, of which I spoke about above.

    Time is short, people. You don’t want to be caught by surprise. Hatred, acrimony and criticism will not get you where you want to be.

    A loving brother in Christ,

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