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I had this dream a few years ago and it was a very short dream but I remember it to this day. I was at a large conference, there were tables set up but the people I saw were standing and there were a ton of people there. These people were very excited to be there; they were all wearing name tags but I just knew it was a very important occasion and that you had to have a name tag on. In other words, you could not just go in unless you were invited to this special occasion/conference room. They were all people that were very well dressed. I gathered that these people knew the person coming out on stage well and they were there to support him. I also sensed these were very prominent people.

They were very excited and waiting for someone to show up on stage and there was a podium on stage and behind the stage on the wall was a huge Swastika and it was in RED and within a circle. (I could not find a swastika with red instead of black there so this is the best I can do). As I looked upon it I was having flash visions of Obama’s face and his face flashed before me on the swastika several times. There was a door to the left of the stage and he would enter in through that door.

All of a sudden the people there realized I had no name tag, had not been invited by special invitation and they started to come after me and I ran and then I woke up. This is how I remembered this dream.

I believe the swastika represented that Obama would follow in the same path as Hitler and millions would die. Somehow in this dream he was the new “leader” but was not given any time frame on it when that was.

NOTE: In 2008 I was not yet back with God myself but I saw on TV Obama and his wife on stage and all of a sudden, deep within my spirit (at that time thought it was my gut only) I had this premonition type of thing that something was terribly wrong. I cringed and I never had that feeling before. Funny how in our spirit, we sense evil isn’t it? I just knew this was not some “normal man”. I can’t explain it but it was so eerie and that stayed with me for awhile.

Interestingly enough about a year later, I was reading about a dream a man had and he said he got his cup of coffee and went to sit down at his kitchen table. All of a sudden, he saw a swastika on the table within a circle and Obama’s face was on it but in his dream he saw blood pouring out and running down the table. He said there was soooo much blood and it really jolted him. It shook him up!

A lady on FB a few years back saw Obama in the passenger side of the BEAST (the vehicle he used) and satan was directly behind him. She then smelled death all around him and she was told or sensed “Obama will slaughter millions”. She mentioned that this man will cause the death of millions.

Now as we all know, so many have been given dreams/visions and confirming that Obama is indeed the one Satan enters into and He is the prophesied Antichrist that will be responsible for finishing America off.

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  1. Dianne Fleming

    I never heard of Obama until the 2008 elections. There minute he got up to speak, my spirit “bristled.” My spirit just had a “knowing” that something was about to be terribly wrong in this world because of this man. I cannot even bear to hear his voice or look at His face directly because of the reaction that happens inside of me.

  2. The Lord Jesus has given me over 700 dreams/messages about Obama since 2008, and they are all posted on the internet at various places. And, they are/were along similar lines as what you mentioned here. I have also had about 200 dreams/messages about a revival of a Hitler-like regime and about the swastika (black spider), and many of those were also in connection with Obama. So, I know what you are talking about. We need to be ready spiritually for what lies ahead.

  3. Rita

    Pergamon – Throne of satan – Nero, Hitler, Now Obama


  4. Walking by the Spirit Always

    Lately I have been boldly saying Obama is the antichrist, and people say I shouldn’t tell anyone. But like you, I was told and later had a dream. I don’t listen to very many prophets, but I knew that you would know the truth, so I am happy to see this. Soon we fly!!!

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