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My Mercy Has Run Cold – Cherrie Archer

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My Mercy Has Run Cold

October 17, 2022 9:46 AM
Cherrie Archer

10-15-22 6:42am

There is coming a disaster that man will not recover from.

Like dominoes falling one will come after another, so quickly, man will not have time to organize and repair.

Take heed My child when man looks in the direction of the calamity he will be swept off his feet by the one upon him.

Will man turn to Me and repent?

Soon very soon these things seen around the world that have seemed so far away will be on your door step.

America, the land of the free and home of the brave has become the land of idol worshipers. Wallowing in their sin, sacrificing their little ones to the ‘god’ of convenience. Soon very soon a child will be coveted and unable to be found.

You have discarded My blessings as trash. You have worshiped ‘gods’ of your own making. Man no longer believes in the Almighty, he has placed himself on the throne of corruption.

The words I and me promote self importance never giving Me the thanks from a blessed heart.

Your fine silks and linens will be swallowed up by moths. Mold will destroy your fine houses.

Homelessness will become the normal occurrence. Weather will destroy the little many still have.

Why? You ask.

Without repentance and turning from sin, rather than partaking in it, the nation has turned its back on God! From the leaders down the soul of America is bankrupt.

Man puts his trust in the storehouse of things. He declares faith in Me but I know the heart. When all is taken away, will man claim trust in Me?

The truth comes out, the heart is exposed. Will corruption be revealed as the layers are peeled away? Or will that man turn back to Me?

The tests are coming, man has only seen the beginning of sorrows. Now triple what you have seen to what is coming.

Now is the time to prepare your heart. Repent, pray, keep Me close, read My word, you will see what is to come through the things of the past. When a generation turns from God, these become slaves.

Know what is coming. Understand truths. My mercy have I given thee. My mercy has run cold. A rebellious child is punished for continuous wrong doings. The tribulation will be the rebellious reward.

How many believe they will not go through the fire? Many cling to the idea that they will not suffer for My names sake.

I tell you this, those whose trust is in Me, I will surely take care of but many who claim to know Me while the good times flow will curse Me and die.

I know the heart of man. Words spoken often do not reflect the heart or calculating mind.

Be ye holy as I am holy.

Turn from your wicked ways, Repent!

The time comes swiftly that no man will work. Will man seek Me then? Or will he curse Me?

Open My word and read. Prepare your hearts.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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