Krystal Beall


Come unto me all who are weary and heavy heavy hearted and I shall give you rest. Beloveds in me whom are weighed down by the sufferings and sorrows in which you bear I AM with you and in you. I wear your suffering as my own. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. NEVER WILL I LEAVE OR FORSAKE YOU. Suffering is a gift from me. Though it does not feel like it. It is. To partake of my passion is to partake of My GLORY. I AM close to the broken hearted and I save those whom are of a contrite spirit. I uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness. I AM RIGHTEOUSNESS. I have engraved in the palm of my hand. Your tears I have collected in my bottle. With your ashes I AM resurrecting. I AM LIFE ITSELF. I AM able to do above and beyond ALL you can ever hope for. I hear your prayers and your cries pierce my heart. I AM moved. The battle is MINE and has been won. Be still my loves. I fight for you and you shall hold your peace. I go before you. I make the crooked places staight..I break in pieces the gates of brass. I allow you to be pierced by the arrow of the enemy for A GREATER PURPOSE than you can comprehend. The persecution you suffer for my namesake is a sign of sonship…YOU BELONG TO ME. There are those of you my loves whom bear wounds from that which you have suffered due to sin and disobedience. You bleed still from these deep wounds in your soul. Many of you are waiting for me to heal and restore you as I HAVE PROMISED YOU I WOULD…AND I WILL. What seems to you as delay is not so. For I HAVE. It is finished. FAITH MY LOVES. Without faith it is impossible to please me. Faith pleases me greatly. I have received your mustard seed and I have planted it in me. What I have scattered I will gather. Where death was seen…life will rise. Walk by faith…not by sight. I will NEVER disappoint you. I know many of you have been disappointed by man. From those closest to you which are the most painful to the deceiver in a ” place of authority”. The fear of a man has brought a snare to MANY. Those whom TRUST in me are kept safe. Pain is not a sign that you are not safe. I NEVER leave a man. Man turns from me and hides his face..Come out…come out.
I call thee forward.. The fall of man and my creation has pierced and wounded Me and man alike. Man grieves and groans and so do I. All of my creation groans to be delivered for the weight of sin that abounds on the earth. I AM DELIVERING. IT PAINS ME TO MY CORE TO BEHOLD MY CREATION AS IT IS. OH HOW MY HEART IS PIECED. HOW MY TEARS FLOW WITHOUT CEASE. OH HOW MY INDIGNATION BURNS WITHIN ME. My love is GREAT. MY MERCY IS GREAT. MY ANGER MATCHES. My justice flows like a river. I WILL SERVE MY JUSTICE UPON HUMANITY. YIU WILL LOOK UPON THE ONE WHOM YOU HAVE PIERCED AND MOURN FOR HIM AS ONE WHOM MOURNS FOR AN ONLY SON. Those whom mourn now have tasted of the gall. To you I say the sweet is coming. Lo it is here. In an instant the twinkling of an eye it will ALL change. You will NOT be left by me because you are depressed or oppressed or weary…THIS IS WHY I CAME. THIS IS WHY I WAS BORN. THIS IS WHY I BECAME MAN. I BORE THE SIN OF MAN IN MY BODY ON THE CROSS. I bear the pain of man within me. By my stripes YOU are healed. There is nothing that will or can ever separate the love I have fir you. I AM always with you. I AM in you. It is your sin that separates us. I AM HOLY..YOU MUST BE HOLY TO SEE ME. WITHOUT HOLINESS NO MAN WILL SEE GOD. Loves be at PEACE…you WILL see me. All this pain shall be no more. I will wipe away every tear from your eyes…No more death. No more mourning. For the former things have passed away and behold ALL THINGS HAVE BECOME NEW. Fear not little flock for it is your FATHERS GOOD PLEASURE TO GIVE YOU THE KINGDOM. COME LOVES WHOM ARE SAD…WHOM ARE HEAVY. For I have prepared a place that where I AM you may be also. Bear your cross in love with me…it is my cross…our cross and soon the weight shall be lifted. Oh loves you can not fathom the GLORY OF IT ALL..BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY…MY REWARDS ARE WITH ME. GREAT THEY ARE. DINE WITH ME MY BRIDE…ALL I AM..ALL I HAVE IS YOURS. I AM THE ALL IN ALL THE BE ALL OF CREATION. I AM.

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