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April 12, 2022 2:40 PM
Brother Moses
I will not forget you.Isaiah .49:15.

April 12,2022

Words from the Lord.

I am the Lord, God Algmighty. The Lord who always keeps to convenant. Everything written in my words are true and faithful, for they will come to fufillment. I the Lord have never forgothen any of my children, neither will I ever forget any of them. I takes care of all my children more than a loving mother takes care of her only child. My love for my children is far more beyound the love that the most loving mother shows to her child. My love for you cannot be humanly defined or comprehened, for it is INFINITE. It will take you eternity to be able to understand the depth of my love for you.

The love that made me to live my throne and come down on earth as a man and endured a cruel and horrible sufferings and death in other to restore you back to My LOVE. I the creator of the whole universe was so mutilated that my face could not be recognized. The worst of it is that I that had no sin became sin in other for you to become My RIGHTEOUSNESS. It is something beyound human comprehension that the creator of the whole universe could bring Himself so low and suffer in the hand of His own creatures. These love is still a great mystrey even to my angels.

My children it will take you eternity to fully understand how deep this LOVE is. It pains my heart that even at this, many of My children forgets me. Many have forgothen Me days without number. Many have turned their back from Me. Many have greatly despised My redemptive work for them. Many do not want anything to do with their creator. Oh so many love their flesh and the world more than Me. Many have time for everything, but have little or no time for Me. Am I not worth giving your all?

What in the world can be compared with what I the Lord have done for you and will do for you for all eternity. Many love sensual preasures more than I their God. My child I gave up everything in other to restore you back to myself. I desire that you give me your whole life in return. I desire that you die to your flesh. I longs for an intimate relationship with you.

Run to My arm of LOVE now before it will be too late. Come to me just as you are and I will wash you with My BLOOD and cloth you with My RIGHTEOUSNESS. All those who turns their back from MY great LOVE in these life will experience the fierceness of My WRATH for all eternity. MY CHILD PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR HEART.


Coordinating Scriptures

John 13:1
Rom 5:5-11
Isaiah 53:4-6
Jeremiah 2:32
2 Corinthians 5:21
Hebrews 10:25-31
Proverbs 23:26.
Brother Moses.

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