My House – Paul

My House

December 8, 2020 12:51 PM


Did I not say that judgement begins with My house? This year has been a year of judgement in my house. A time of testing and purifying for my people. Many have submitted and many have rejected. Now the time is here where you will see who my real ones are. They have no fear, they do not bow to the beast nor his ways. They have come out of Babylon and Mystery Babylon, nor are they deceived by her sorceries/pharmaceuticals. They are like flames of fire, with their armor on and fighting everyday. They have no fear, my love has been perfected in them. They are like Joshua and Caleb ready to take on any giants. They are mighty and filled with My spirit and a flaming sword is in their heart and in their mouth.

Those that have not submitted to my Spirit, who have continued in their sins and their own ways, have not repented, and continue to look to man for their help and salvation, these are the ones afraid, these will be overcome with fear in the days ahead. These will be the ones whose hearts fail them for fear of what is to come.

But my bride, my people who are purified and without spot or wrinkle are who I am coming for. I love them with a love beyond comprehension. I am coming.

~ Paul

(1 Peter 4:17)
(Ephesians 5:27)
(1 John 4:18)
(1 Peter 1:7)
(Revelation 22:12)
(Luke 21:26)
(Revelations 18:23)
(Revelations 18:4)


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