( Zeph 3:10, Isa 18:1-3, Isa 19:19, Isa 2:1-4, Micah 4: 1-3, Jh 6:45 and Isa 49:22)

Dec 17, 2019 1:41 PM
Collins Ouma

We received this message after our evening devotion Day 8 of our prayer and fasting concerning the place of gathering of the elect.

It is I Jehovah, the Lord your God.The God who cannot be defeated.It is My time to act and fulfill My word.Man shall not understand what I am doing. I do My great works in parables and symbols. My secrets are with them that fear and obey Me and I have revealed these mysteries to you

I have begun My work.Nations will come here where I have exalted My Holy Mountain and be gathered to worship Me.I am gathering My saints here and I Myself will guide and lead them here.

Didnt I not lead you to Pemba Island an unknown place and you did My works there and came back safely?So will I lead each of My elect here to worship Me.

My people know My voice. I will show them visions and dreams of this place and lead them one by one. I have lifted My flag here to direct them.THEY ARE COMING. I am gathering them from a far,near ,within and across all nations

Broadcast and let it be known all over the world what is taking place here ( i had been commanded to get a computer for this very task and blessed be our Lord for enabling His dear servants who readily supported the purchase and soon I will set up an online platform all over the world for this purpose commissioned by the Lord.)

I will connect saint to saint by My own hand and power.Already some of the saints have received dreams and visions about this work and this place but they di not yet fully understand its meaning.
Who led the wisemen to where My son Jesus Christ was born?? I am bringing My elect very quickly to My Holy Mountain. I chose this place and My purposes shall come to pass.I will prepare My church here and from there it will spread its influence all over the world in the final great harvest.My people will come here and I will lead,instruct and direct them. My word shall begin here and shall spread to all parts of the world.
Begin My son giving directions to My remnants and I will by Myself bring them here and lead them here. Its My time to manifest My glory in My people. I will do just as I said in My word.It is Me, Emmanuel the Lord who is with you.

Shalom brethren
Br Collins Ouma
Busia Kenya

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  1. Dear brother Ouma, did I understand you right? do you believe the mountain of God is in Pemba?

  2. david

    “Here” means where?

  3. Please brother where is this physical place?

  4. Mary Jane Galawis

    Praise God!

  5. sophie

    it’s in the Indian Ocean …a Tanzanian island…..pull it up online and there are pictures.

    I do have a problem with this though because doesn’t God take his elect to a place that the enemy will not know yet this is like laying out bread crumbs for Satan.

    Just wondering. Take it to the Lord people. You must seek the Holy Spirit to give you answers about this.

    Much love to all

  6. Skipper

    So where is this place? Many had dreams and visions about a training island for the remnant where we will train.And this will happen before ,during or after 3 days of darkness? Right as Ive seen this posted I remembered the swedish boy dream about a mountain its on youtube check it on timfoster channel and the Lord guided me to a date using that but I wont share this because I dont know if Im correct or not.Also are we supposed to travel there or we will be transported supernaturally?

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