My Great Hammer & Sword – Doug Macallum

My Great Hammer & Sword

Doug Macallum


I am about to unleash My Fury upon the Earth. The powers of darkness have gathered its forces to attempt to overthrow My Rule, but all in vain. Satan believes he has control of the Earth and does not realize that all control he has is because of what I have allowed for My Own Purposes. Those who follow him also believe he is their true god. The darkness of their hearts has choked out any shred of Light and Truth. They are truly the sons of deception, blind to their own folly. They listen for and hear the lying spirits who direct them, as blind sheep being led to their own slaughter.

But My Flock know My Voice. Those that know Me know My Way, My Truth, and My Life. My People, mark those who say they know Me, but walk on the wrong path and speak not My Truth. They are as the walking dead, trying to mask their own corruption, deceiving others who wander from My Righteousness and despise My Truth. The devil and his coworkers are searching the souls of mankind. They are looking for disobedience, rebellion, and unbelief in men’s hearts. These attitudes are the very things darkness feeds on. Going unchecked, these blackened souls fall victim to the enemy. These attitudes of the fallen nature become the host for all forms of evil spirits to grow in and bring ultimate Death. My People will see a clearer distinction between My People of Light and the children of darkness. You have asked for and are being granted greater Discernment in the Spiritual Realm. You will also discern the enemies devices. I will give you greater Wisdom and Knowledge as to his strategies in order that I may execute My Plan through My People to destroy Satan’s works. Before I take My Bride Home to Myself, She will be My Great Hammer and Sword against Satan and his forces. The Gates of Hell will not prevail against My Plan, The Body of Christ, which I intended from before the foundations of the Earth. My Beloved has been preparing Herself, and making Herself ready for My end time Operation on the Earth. In the midst of great chaos and destruction She will come forth, leaning on Her Beloved, to accomplish the Task I called Her to for My Glory! My Holy, Righteous, Company will only do as I command, just as Ezekiel’s four living creatures and their wheels function. Whichever Way My Spirit blows, to lead and guide, so too will My Mighty Army go. Never has there been a Company of My People since Time began, that is One in My Spirit, Name, and Purpose! They are MY BODY, joined securely to My Headship, wholly given over to My Will to fulfill. Because of Their surrender to Me, I will fill Them with My Glory as has never been seen before on the Earth. My Plan, My Son, will be magnified on the Earth before I remove My Bride to Myself. She has secured My Favor and Trust so that I may pour out My Spirit and Power in and through Her to display My Presence to those who are yet to come into My Flock. Many will come to Me through the Work of My Trustworthy Vessels. The displays of My Great Power will also be the final witness against many who reject Me. They will be without excuse.

My Beloved, continue to trim Your Lamps and be continually filled with My Spirit and Word. Allow Me to complete all that I have started in You. Do not lean on your own understanding but let Me be Your Reality and Focus. Your Destiny is closer than you think!


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