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My Grace Is Running Out – YHWH’s Daughter

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My Grace Is Running Out

October 14, 2022 9:32 AM
YHWH’s Daughter

given on: Friday 14th October 2022

My dear children don’t fear, for I am with you till the end of the age.

I AM coming very soon.

There will be a surprise for many of you in My church, because My coming follows after My visitation.

Time is running out, there is no more time.

My grace is running out.

The period of grace is running out.

I AM preparing My Bride for the work that lies ahead of her in the Spirit, to complete the work for which I have called her, to gather the harvest from the field.

It’s time to gather My harvest from the field, because winter is coming.

It is time.

My grace is running out.

The prince of this world is coming, the prince of the power of the air, and he has nothing in Me.

The time of My church is coming to an end. The mandate of My church is coming to an end.

Triumph is coming, triumph in Me! You will triumph with Me!

The time of triumph of My church, My bride is coming. Pure as the moon, bright as the sun, an Army with banners from all directions of the world.

My Warriors, prepared for battle against the enemy, against satan.

I AM have prepared an Army of Warriors and intercessors, who are praying.

They stand before Me at My feet, seeking My Face.

I AM have raised up people, a remnant in the gap.

I AM coming in the clouds with fanfare. My coming is near. I will be with you soon and everyone will see Me in My heavenly glory.

I AM coming for My Bride prepared in pure and white fine linen, triumphing with Me.

Triumph My Bride. Your King is coming from the heavens for you.

Prepare, prepare. I AM coming very soon at the sound of a trumpet and the voice of an archangel.

Arise and prepare yourself for your time has come, a time of triumph and renewal.

I have tested you and have found you faithful.

Follow My Spirit, My Spirit leads you.

Fear not, there is very little time left for Me to return and to take you with Me.

Our Heavenly Father is waiting for Us to unite just like He and I are One, so that the Bride might also become One with Us.

This is the will of Our Father to gather Us together as One, because His favor is in His unity and love.

I AM have released an anointing for work upon you, My Bride.

Labor and don’t stop laboring, the time is flying, don’t stop laboring. Go the the fields, where I send you to

Don’t stop praying and pleading people by their name from Me. Claim them, you have My favor. My favor is upon you, My Bride.

Don’t stop laboring, keep going, because winter(persecution) is coming.

Gather the harvest from the field, I have given you tools for work. I have instructed you, keep working.

Don’t pay attention to how people look at you, instead pay attention to how I, your loving Savior, look upon you. For I alone can see the heart of man, and all are naked and exposed before Me.

Just like satan rebelled and fell into condemnation, every person who rebels and is rebellious, is in rebellion against Me, your Creator.

The persecution of the church comes because of the rebellion and pride in their hearts. Pride leads to rebellion against Me, your Redeemer, King and Lord of your hearts.

I love you My children. My love is great, but the time of separation of the sheep from the goats is coming.

My sheep know My voice and nothing will harm them, because they are under My protection and in My pierced hand their names are written in the book of life, which only I can open no one else but Me, the Lamb that was slain for you, My friends.

My redeemed children.

My Bride.

Pure as the moon, bright as the sun.


Your loving Father and Savior Yeshua HaMashiach.

King of everything seen and unseen.


I love you My Bride, there is little time left till I come. I AM coming, get ready

the time has come, the prophetic clock has struck, the hour is late, I AM coming, wait for Me.

Jesus, your Bridegroom.

King and Lord of your heart.


I AM a faithful God, King and Lord of everything seen and unseen.

I AM not respecter of persons!

I will cleanse everything that has raised against Me! All that is for fire in fire, all that is for blessing I will bless. Only the pure in heart shall see My Face.

Wait for Me, My Bride.

I AM coming soon from the heavens for you and for everyone who’s humbled himself and stands before Me at My Feet and seeks My Face.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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