MY GOODNESS – Judy Reynolds

Apr 30, 2019, 1:47 PM

Judy Reynolds

This word was given to me on 1/26/19 at 8:20 PM after my evening prayer time while praying to Jesus about the severity of what is coming and that hardly anyone is prepared.

I speak to you now my children, I have something to say to you, and also I have a few questions to ask you.

First, I want to tell you I LOVE YOU! You are ALL able to be MINE, and some of you already are.
I want to tell you of MY goodness which leads to repentance, My goodness which flows from different sources, like a river. Sometimes it flows out of My storehouse of blessings, sometimes it flows forth from My Spirit in a brother or a sister in ME, in Christ. Sometimes it flows from a stranger even though they themselves do not understand they are being kind. Do you recognize My goodness? My goodness is all around you; the air you breathe, the ability to cry, move, sing, shout, work and play; I do not mean sin. True innocent play. My goodness is the beauty of nature, the food you eat, the rest you get at night, the place that pays you money to feed your family after a job is done; the laughter of a child!
My children, so many of you no longer recognize My goodness because you have errored and believe in your hearts that you deserve all of this. I tell you, you are sorely mistaken. Does not My Word say that I give and take away? Will you choose now, out of love for Me, your Savior to now become thankful, and to open the eyes of your heart and see My goodness, to even expore it for it is amazing and never-ending.
My children, I want to remind you of something very, very important. My people, though they were My people, called by My name COMPLAINED in the wilderness, and many, many died there. They perished out of disobedience. Why do you think you have the power to sustain yourself?, when all of
history repeats and proves the end of disobedience and sin. I say to you, you are NO different. You will perish and die in your sin without true humility and calling upon ME ALONE to save you from ALL your sin, not only the obvious ones; the wretched, stubborn sin in your heart deep down. My children, I ask you now to READ My WORD!!! Unforgiveness, covetousness, envy, pride, rebellion, Idol worship, ALL sexual sin, perversion, alcohol drinking,
debauchary, conniving, hiding.. I can go on and on.
You know when you look at this list your are not pure unless you are Covered and Cleansed by MY BLOOD, and each time you sin, you Repent, seek forgiveness and get washed and cleansed again.
My children, wayward thoughts have blocked out My goodness and your hope in ME to degrees that I am a GOOD GOD. You do not get to decide I AM not going to hold you accountable for a Relationship with ME, or do you mistakenly think, or worse, believe that you can cry to Me in trouble and turn from Me when trouble is gone?? I will NOT have you in MY Kingdom if you desire this life of sin more than ME. My children, humble yourselves DAILY, for you have an enemy who desires your soul. My GOODNESS will lead you into a relationship with ME, it will remain all the days of your life as you learn and discover it , and are Thankful for ME AND MY WAYS. Will you come? Will you stay? Will you be MY child today?, and on that Final Day?

ALL of My Goodness,
Your Savior?

Scripture given for this word was one verse.

Psalm 85:8 “I will hear what God the Lord will speak, for He will speak peace to His people and to His saints; but let them not turn back to folly.”

Blessings IN Christ,
Judy Reynolds

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