My FATHER’S FORTRESS & The golden calf – Merab Olfert

The golden calf

September 14, 2019 10:02:57 AM
Merab Olfert
Today I will share with you this dream about My FATHER’S FORTRESS and The golden calf. These are two different dreams but are interconnected.
Siater in Yashua,
Year 2013
I had ordered the famous book “Unmerited Favor”. My dreams are connected to this book so I have to mention it by name.
After reading first few chapters of the book I had seen 2 dreams.
Dream 1:
I saw a fortress.
All my family was in a desert safari jeep, and we were being driven to a “Fortress”. It was located in the middle of a desert.
We were brought to the front gate of the fortress which was opened for us.
The man who drove us, got off this open jeep and began moving our luggage into the fortress.
As I stepped into the fortress I asked him – “Whose fortress is it?”
He said – It is your Father’s fortress which he has prepared for you. Come inside and eat.”
So my family and I all go inside.
I looked at my Dad and said -” You never told us that you were preparing a fortress for us.”
So then seeing the size of the fortress (it was quite huge) I asked the man (caretaker) -” Where are the people who take care of the fortress? It is so big. I’m sure it takes many people to clean it and maintain it.”
The man replied to me -” I have been appointed to take care of it and maintain it for your Father. Go sit down and I will prepare the banquet for you.”
Then I saw that we all went towards the roof of the fortress to see what’s there.
The roof was beautiful. A covered corridor ran on the 3 sides by the wall. This corridor was open on either sides (meaning it was not enclosed with walls) with beautiful arches set between the pillars (imagine an arched awening made of stone). The spaces between the pillars were open and you could step into the open veranda on the roof from there. There were white curtains set between the pillars, under the arches. There were multiple pillars and archways to go out into the open veranda. Those white curtains were made of very fine see-through linen and a gentle breeze was flowing through them. Also the walls to the left edge and right edge of this Veranda were quite high – almost seemed like a 10 foot wall. These walls had some sort of green hanging plants on them. The wall towards my back was low, about 4 feet high. I could lean over this wall and look outside the back area of the Fortress. The wall facing me was smaller yet and from where I stood (between the pillars, looking at the wife open veranda) I could see the desert outside the entrance of the fortress.
In this open veranda there were long wooden chairs with arm rests and leg rests there to sit on. Something like the chairs you would use on the beach.
So we all sit down and I start walking around to see the rest of the fort.
I see this man (caretaker) puts an apron on him and starts preparing food for us. I saw he had already pre-decorated the table for us. The dining table was long and made of wood. You could easily seat about 50 people on it. He put so much food on the table, meat, fruits and lots of flowers all over the table. Then he rolls up his sleeves and starts preparing fish for us to eat. He was cooking the fish on an old style barbeque with coals underneath. Seeing so much food on the table I ask him – “How many people are going to eat here? Are we expecting company? This looks like food for 50.”
He said – “Just you. Your Father prepares everything lavishly and wants you to lack nothing.”
I thought – “That’s too much food though for just 6 people.”
While he is grilling the fish I leaned over the back wall to look on the other side of the fortress.
I see two STRANGE LOOKING MEN getting into the fortress from an underground entrance. They were also dressed up in formal attire. White shirt (sleeves rolled up) and black pants. Their heads looked like the head of a wild boar with teeth sticking out and extremely ugly to look at but the rest of their body was like that of a man.
I warn the care taker – Look some strange men are creeping into my Father’s Fortress.
I saw this man immediately took off his apron and said – “I will take care of them. Stay here.” Then he opened a kind of a door on the floor of this veranda ( door was made of solid iron strips) and he jumped down to go fight these unwanted guests.
When I woke up I knew that the caretaker was the angel of Yahuah Father and the Fortress was Yahuah’s place of shelter for my family and myself.
Dream 2:
A few days after the above mentioned dream I saw another dream where I saw there was a huge golden calf. I saw myself standing by the side of this golden calf with a long gown and a hood over my head and with some kind of huge censer in my hand with fire in it. I saw smoke coming out of this censer and I swayed it side to side as if in some kind of worship.
I woke up so confused and never mentioned it to anyone because I couldn’t understand the connection between the two dreams that I saw…
I knew there was a connecting but I didn’t understand it at that time.
Meanwhile I continued reading the book that I was reading and thought nothing differently about it because I was convinced that whatever was written in there was in line with Yahuah’s Word and doctinally sound.
For those who don’t know about that book, it is based on the doctrine of hyper grace under which comes all health, wealth and prosperity. I was foolishly convinced by this doctrine back then and that is why I could not discern what my Father was clearly warning me in my dream.
I know it today.
The first dream was the state of our family – spiritually… Richly provided by the Father as He himself was our fortress with provisions in it.
The 2 boar-head devils were “health and prosperity” gospel that entered into our lives from the back-door.
They were dressed nice to represent the riches and yet their faces were ugly because they were demonic doctrines that can not change or hide their ugly faces.
In the second dream I saw myself worshipping the golden calf because I had accepted those false doctrines thinking it is God’s gospel when infact it was equal to idol worshipping…. Being material minded and thinking God’s blessings are physically represented in health and wealth. Now I know after so many years why God gave me those 2 dreams back to back as I read that book.
It is a reminder of the Father’s warning about the doctrines of men being preached and accepted widely by the church all over the world mistaken to be His true word. Hopefully this message will reach the ears to hear and I pray that they will turn away from such doctrine and turn to Yahuah’s true Word and accept it for What it is without diluting it or twisting it. Heed Yashua’s warnings in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Run to Him as only He can teach you the pure WORD.


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