My Duty Is To Turn Hearts To You – Brian Ethier

My Duty Is To Turn Hearts To You

October 22, 2020 2:11 PM
Brian Ethier

I have prepared for the spiritual battle and now ready to roar,
To do mighty exploits in Your Name, I’m equipped for war;
I will stand and not be afraid no matter what I see,
As Your rivers of Living Water is flowing through me.


Blow the trumpet, sound the alarm on this wonderful day,
Yahusha is my Master, my Savior, my Redeemer, my King and the only Way;
He is my solid Rock, my Cornerstone, my Saving Strength in all I do,
And as Your ambassador of Light, my duty is to turn hearts to You.

Your wondrous Law and Your Word I will forever uphold,
Proclaim victory by Your Blood sacrifice, I’ll do miracles to behold;
So many may learn Truth and cause righteousness and praise to spring forth,
And receive my crown, my inheritance as king and priest and all its worth.

No weapons formed will ever prosper for I’m sheltered under Your wing,
All foes will crumble as Your Power and the Father’s I will sing;
May Your Spirit Fire refine me through and through so as to be worthy,
My prayer, my aim is to be a glorious throne of service in Your brilliant united army.


And as Your ambassador of Light, my duty, my duty, my duty,
Yahusha HaMashiach, is to turn hearts to You!

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