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My Disobedient Ones

August 9, 2021 3:38 PM
Teri Hennessey

I would like to share a word I just received that ultimately is a confirmation of the word given by The Messenger which was just posted here today.

In all honesty when I read his messages I often question in my spirit if they are truly from our Father. I have shared my thoughts/concerns with the Lord in the past asking Him if The Messenger is a true prophet, for no other reason than that his messages seem very cold and lacking of the love and mercy I have come to feel and always receive through the words the Father gives me personally. I sought the Lord once again today based on The Messengers most recent message, posted just today and below is the word I received from our Father. But before I share my message with you I also want to add that after receiving and recording the word I just received, the Lord also gave me an understanding (through Holy Spirit) that not all messengers sound alike nor do they necessarily reveal the same character traits of the Lord. There are so many different parts, different traits to the Lord and the words/character traits revealed are based on our personal relationship with the Lord. Father then brought to mind Psalm 18:24-26 which says “Therefore the Lord has recompensed me according to my righteousness. According to the cleanness of my hands in his eyes. With the kind you show yourself kind. With the blameless you show yourself blameless. With the pure you show yourself pure and with the crooked you show yourself astute”.

We all have individual relationships with the Lord and how we hear him and the side of the Lord he chooses to show us will be different for each of us. I have personally never received a word, whether personal or meant to share with the world, that didn’t show his great love and mercy for us and can only reason at this point that this is the side of the Lord He chooses to show me personally.

I asked him after receiving the word I just received (which by the way I sought because of the message from The Messenger) whether The Messenger was truly hearing His voice and The Lord confirmed through His still small voice that he indeed does hear Him. It is important to us all to ensure we are listening to real true Prophets, Messengers and Watchmen and the Lord has many times in my 15 year walk with Him, directed me away from false messengers and false prophets (through Holy Spirit giving me discernment) who many later were indeed exposed as false.

With all that said, I wanted to share this little insight, as we know there are many out there who really are wolves in sheep’s clothing and so I think it’s good to be cautious and even if necessary (because of lack of discernment through Holy Spirit)seek the Lord directly for the truth when you’re not feeling the answer through the Spirit. So thank you and God Bless you “The Messenger” for your messages.

Here is the word I received after time in praise and thanksgiving and genuinely wanting to seek the Lord for my own word and confirmation of The Messenger’s word.

Aug 9/21 1:50 PM

My daughter write,

My children who are in disobedience are those whose hearts have waxed cold, who are lukewarm with no desire to really know me or hear my instruction, counsel, or guidance for their lives. My children, my blood bought born-again children who love me and long to hear my words are given grace and forgiveness in that their Heavenly Father knows the struggles you face when trying to find My voice and heed My guidance. So much is coming against those who truly seek Me. My disobedient ones are those who have not even a desire to find Me, know Me, or know about the saving grace of their eternal destiny. They are truly lost. My love is everlasting and is brought forward to those who I hold in My embrace. These I will never forsake, but for those who care not about getting to know Me, to these I will say: “Depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness, I never knew you”. They cannot hear Me because they have not been born again, and will have to face the fire to finally understand what is required of them. You know My profits by their fruit. The Holy Spirit in you tells you when to stop paying attention or whether to truly harken to a particular messenger. Ask me for wisdom and discernment and I will make clear all who are truly of Me. My daughter, you are hearing My voice and it is getting easier with every message. It is time for those of My spirit, who do not yet hear Me to make an effort and with practice, it will get easier. Come to Me in thanksgiving, praise and worship and that will open the door (if you are sincerely speaking from your heart) and rebuke the enemy after repenting of your sins, and with all those bases covered, especially in a quiet atmosphere, you will hear My voice. For most, it is not an audible sound but comes just like a thought, only it is I AM rather than a thought from your own mind or from the enemy.

Time to get to this place of hearing Me, time to put in the effort for it will be necessary if it is truly I AM that you desire to guide, protect, and instruct you in what is coming upon the earth.

I love you My precious children. Come and sit at My feet and make the effort necessary and you will not be disappointed.

Love Abba Father

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