My Cup of Suffering – Krystal Beall

My Cup of Suffering

April 9, 2021
Krystal Beall

My faithful redeemed whom are following me where ever I go. Whom are heavy and pressed down on every side in this last hour as the wrath of the dragon increases without respite, Crying to me without cease for mercy and salvation of your lost loved ones, to you I say I have listened and I have answered you. Take heart and trust me. I AM allowing things for all my GLORY.

When you speak my TRUTH, My words to those whom you love and are closest to you and are not received, but mocked and REJECTED know that I, Yes I the LORD am allowing you to taste a sip of my cup.

My cup of Suffering. What pain it truly is. What agony it is to partake of. I know my little flock for it is my bitter agony. A sip of my cup. I share with all whom I love, Whom love me and are my own. I AM faithful. I AM True. I have gone before thee. I have done above all you can ever hope for or expect from me. Trust me. Trust me.

Pray for your lost loved ones ye have. Offering them to me with many tears and much sorrow. I have received them. Fret not once ye have given me your prayers and request yet rest knowing I AM not a man that I should lie and that you can indeed trust me. Let not your heart be afraid. Let it not be troubled.

It is dark. VERY dark. The hour darkness reigns. Few notice. I, Yes I increase the darkeness as judgment upon my final and severely fallen generation of men. My tears fall like rain upon the earth. My wrath is kindled. I AM pained to my core to be delivered. Delivering I AM.

America is dead in my sight. America REJECTED me and I will abase the nation in full. Fear not for all that I have done and am doing is an act of my love and mercy. I AM the good shepherd. I have given my life for my sheep and I have gathered those of my flock whom have strayed and whom are wondering down the broad path blind and shall be met with destruction.

I AM there. I AM the all in all. The Be All of creation. I rebuke and chasten all whom I love. I AM a good Father. I AM the LORD. That is my name. I AM Alpha and Omega. First and the last. The beginning and the end.

Wedding banquet joy my beautiful ones. My friends. Yea my family. My house is yours, the house of the LORD. Goodness. Mercy. The desires of your hearts and so much more. All things new.

Where is thy faith? Is there any left on the earth? Shall I find any oh ye of little faith. Why did ye doubt? The hour is evil and total destruction reigns.

Rejoice and fear not. My peace I give unto you. My peace I leave you. Rest in me. I AM travailing in agony to be delivered. I AM reaping my harvest of souls that I alone and worthy and deserving of. I have. Trust me.

A Holy people unto myself. Eden RESTORED. Holy ground. Holy. Holy. Holy. Why do ye fear. I AM just. My justice is served in completion. It is finished.

The dragon is WROTH. WROTH. Satan is no more. I AM who I AM. I AM the LORD. The GOD of all flesh? The creator of all that is seen and unseen. The author and finisher of your faith. I have healed and I have RESTORED. It is tragically devestating to REJECT me JESUS CHRIST. I AM the light of the world. The light of men..of life. When I AM REJECTED. I give men what they so desire for their evil deeds. DARKNESS. I JESUS do this. Trust me. It is finished.

Come now for thy hour of redemption and thy wedding banquet is comensing. All things new. Remember Lot’s wife. LORD they don’t listen, they don’t want to listen. Beloved of mine…I know, Why think ye I wept?. It is written. I wrote it. I lived it. Blessed are ye…Ye share my cup of Suffering. Ye have partook of my grief and my lamentations. Ye shall partake of my joy. Milk and honey. Rejoice. Expect me, Unexpectedly.


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