My Covenant Stands – Carla Smith

My Covenant Stands

October 24, 2019
Carla Smith

Daughter write these Words,

You are My chosen vessel to write instruction of My Words to all who will read and understand … My people have become weary in waiting on time to unfold in what they know to be the time of the end … My timing is not their timing … Many things must unfold as time has been recorded according to My Time … As I have spoken, so shall it be.

Many have become unwilling to allow My Holy Spirit to purge them of sins that hold them captive, sins that they refuse to see as sin.

My children DO NOT work while it is still light and don’t realize darkness is upon them.

Time of upheaval will close in on many nations and most will be caught off guard … The nations plan against My people (Israel) but I WILL BE THEIR PROTECTOR … It is by My Hand that judgment comes to the ones that seek to destroy My Holy people … To the nations, know this, I AM THE MIGHTY ONE OF ISRAEL … I uphold My covenant I made with their fathers! MY COVENANT STANDS!

The plans made with the king of the north will fail, just as MY Word has declared … Many things must fall into place before the time of the end … No man can cause or rush what is written in MY Holy Word … It is by My time things will unfold.

Stay alert! Be diligent in seeking Me for instruction on the timing laid out in MY Word … Seek NOT mans wisdom, but My Wisdom only … Stay close to Me in prayer … Repent of sins still in your life … Ask Me to strengthen you and show you how to overcome the flesh … Pray for MY Spirit to guide you into all Truth.

Thank you Lord for this Word, I love You.

Isaiah 40:28-31 Daniel 8 (all) Zechariah 12:2-3

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