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My Church is not a building! – Cheryl

My Church is not a building! – Cheryl

September 8, 2018

You do well to dwell in My House, for this is where it is you will find safety. Though I take you through the valley of the shadow of death, you shall fear no evil for I am with you. Let this sink into your hearts and minds, for this is where the power lies, to live according to My ways. The fear of nothing and no one, save the fear of the Lord God Almighty. To fear being away from My presence, to fear to have My wrath set upon you – these are the things to fear! Where is My house? Oh many say it is in a building that has a steeple and cross adorning its exterior, or where those who gather in My name – but I say, this is not my house! My house – for it is not a place, but a being and is that of those who are called by My name, and have the indwelling of My Spirit. I enter in, and we become ‘My House’ – My house is not limited to a building but is the habitation of My Son – which is the chief cornerstone of My House, and all who are mine, are the living stones to make up My House. There is far too much honor and reverence given to buildings and sects – that gather together who say they are ‘in God’s House’ – they do not know this is in error, because they only follow after man’s words, and tradition. I am building My house, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it! Realize that I, the Lord, am against MANY so called houses, for I wish to spew them out of My mouth because they have chosen to mix with the world and have become lukewarm and distasteful to Me. They boast of being My house, and they do not know how I am set against them! For they serve not Me, and they get not from Me but from the god of this age, he gives to them and is their god. I see each one of My living stones, and take great pleasure in their value, for they give My Son His honour due His name as they humble themselves before Me. They seek after Him with all their heart, though they stumble and fall, I am there to pick them up and show them the way – and they hear Me to get up and follow after Me. Do not be deceived in these days to seek out a building as if this is what I have asked, do not do this. Enter in these buildings with the understanding that they are not My house – and instead, search for My house in one another, for truly there are not many – in these buildings, but a few. For I am calling My living stones out to assemble in My Name as they hear My Spirit lead. For I have never been a part of owning buildings, I have never been a part of walls that are called denominations. It is truly a marvel at how many do not see this. But, the evil one has blinded the eyes of many. I did not ever say that I would have one man be a leader as they have placed in these places! I have never said they become a business that needs to be promoted and marketed to gain finance! For I feed thousands with little, I need not the money that is so very dependant in these – do you not know My ways are not and never man’s ways! Desire that you see this and I will unblock your blind eyes and hard hearts! My Bride looks nothing like what man has set up in what you call these churches! I want nothing to do with this, come out My people, for they are filled with all kinds of evil. Ask Me, and I will reveal to you what has been supressed – to those who have hearts that are true to Me and want to know. Release your grip from this powerful bondage that is upon you, by acknowledging it – and your participation in it, and in this, I will grant to you more light to see. For this is the devil’s playground, and he has power to deceive with all matter of lying signs and wonders. Do not be deceived any longer, and come out. Come Out!

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