My Chosen Ones, Seek ME NOW – Judy Reynolds

“My Chosen Ones, Seek ME NOW”
May 23, 2019 12:47PM
Judy Reynolds

My Chosen ones, with pure vessels-the time has now come, the storm is now upon you; Know that what My hand brings and the enemy bringeth shall be made clear to you as a rainbow in the midst of the storm, and your firm hope, as the rainbow after the storm.

It is time to now shut your doors (Influence of the world) and close your windows (influence of friends and family) ;and seek ME!

I say, take heed to this warning, all of you are going through storms now, yet NOW you must take time alone with ME – Hours of time-

I desire to give each of you personal instructions, general instructions are now a thing of the past; I MUST instruct you now for each of your lives and those lives which are/will be affected by your testimony of ME. You must quiet yourselves now and spend time with Me for this purpose- I will be giving much wisdom, direction, guidance and PRAYERS for you to pray for you, and your direct loved ones and friends.

I AM knows all things, do not think it strange how I ask you to pray for them- simply seek confirmation of Me- and then obey and pray.

LIVES depend upon your words now My children.

All hell is going to break loose so very soon.

Aah, and all heaven shall have no restrictions to bless My children, and all those that desire to be saved. Miracles upon Miracles you shall witness and then-

You shall be with ME!

Do this now, Pray, do not wait.

Your all encompassing, Miracle working God. The Father of Life!

The Great I AM has spoken.

This word was given after prayer, the Lord said to “get a tablet and pen My daughter and write this message down.” 5/23 word was done at 12:47 pm.

Scripture given was Matt 5:8, Luke 4:9-12.

I understood that we would really know the difference between what God was doing and what the enemy was doing and this would be such as blessing just to know..like the rainbow.
Blessings to you.


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