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My Chosen Generation

December 27, 2020 1:10 AM

17 July 2019

You are a Chosen Generation, a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation,
Now, put on the Whole Armor of God, and man your battle stations.

The battle is set, are you ready to fight?
Now, go bring others out of the kingdom of darkness and into My Marvelous Light.

When the enemy attacks, you will be My sniper,
The enemy will be thrown into the fire, just as Paul threw off the viper.

Don’t be concerned about the future, for your future is in My Hands,
Trust Me with all your heart, you will be living, in My Lands.

When you have exhausted your supplies, then My supplies will begin,
For I love to provide for My Chosen Ones, Who live holy lives unto Me, and have repented of Their sins.

Most of the people in your nation, have rejected Me,
Oh My Bride, come with Me, to the gates of Heaven, for I have the Key.

Listen My True Believers, I AM calling out to you,
The unbelievers have become lost in this world, not knowing what to do.

I love My Chosen Ones, you are the ones that I have blessed,
Because your devotion to Me, is far above the rest.

You will be My Hands and Feet, My Body, that I will work through,
I AM the God of Wonders, watch and see what I will do!

Many will come to Salvation in Me, by the signs and wonders you will do,
You are My Faithful Ones, Behold, I will make all things new!

Walk in love towards others, let your joy flow, like many fountains,
I AM looking for those, who will speak, to the mountains.

When evil comes, I’ll be by your side, you have, My assurance,
I AM looking for those, who will run the race, with endurance.

Wind and waves of adversity are coming, My Sons and My Daughters,
Keep your eyes on Me, for you will be the ones, who will walk on the waters.

Father, help us not to fear, in the midst of destruction and evil,
Father, we will trust You, through the coming deception and upheaval.

Faith comes by hearing Your Word, with You we will be strong,
Prepare our hearts Oh Lord, for soon in this world, things will start going wrong.

Behold Now is the Acceptable Time, behold Now is the Day of Salvation,
Share My Gospel with others, to keep them from the tribulation.

From Our Heavenly Father, Yahuah


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