My child’s 3 dreams about the vaccine – Victoria


My child’s 3 dreams about the vaccine

October 15, 2020 9:34 PM

Greetings to all brothers and sisters! I would like to share with you my daughter’s 3 dreams the Lord gave her. She is still a child so her perspective may be a bit different.

In her 1st dream she saw people in white body suits going door to door pushing carts with vaccines and offering it to people. She saw the label on the vaccines that read HEX (i think this was God’s way to show a child the vaccine was of satan). At that point of time it was not mandatory yet and they allowed for some to decline the offer. However, if declined they would then be put on a list for somebody to visit them again at a later time. While they were vaccinating those who agreed (there seemed to be a 50%-50% split), it was also offered to them to take a chip. She saw brochures that were given to people advertising the chip and
it’s great benefits. They stated it was painless, quick and not a big deal, that they should get it. Dream over.

In her 2nd dream she observed a group of people sitting in a building on a concrete floor. No furniture was around other than computer desk. She knew this group of people were the “resisters” because she recognized the man that refused to get vaccinated in her 1st dream. This seemed mandatory at this point of time. The person at the desk was calling people one by one and then they were being taken to a separate room. After some time in the room (it seemed rather quick to her) some came back and some did not. Dream over.

If in the first 2 dreams she was an observer, in her 3rd dream the Lord allowed her to experience what it’s like to go through it firsthand. She was put in a type of restraining chair, they then strapped her down to it (wrists and ankles) and injected this murky gooey substance into her. While her own thinking was unaffected (it didn’t take!), she was shown what happened to others after being vaccinated. She explained it as if people were being “reset”, “wiped clean”, they did not remember what just happened to them and simply continued on with their day as usual. Dream over.

Brothers and sisters, do not under no circumstances take that vaccine and/nor RFID chip, it is not a cure! This is a step to enslave humanity, make people lose their will and any motivation. Our will is a part of our soul, dont lose it for some fake cure, only Jesus can give true protection! They do not have your best interest in mind, don’t allow the fear to bully you into taking it! Pray to Jesus, set it in your mind right now that you will not allow it, renounce fear and pray for God’s protection daily. Jesus bless you 💓



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