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Holy Spirit Wind

My Children, Time of Shaking has Begun and it Won’t Stop Until I Return.


My children, time of shaking has begun and it won’t stop until I return. Just because it doesn’t all happen all in one day, there will be mockers and scoffers but I tell you that the intensity will increase. Mark My words! The number 7 is My number and you have seen it in this last shaking. This is just the beginning! This was just a warning compared to what’s coming upon your land America.

Who has repented because of this warning? You share the destruction on your social media and all of your devices but have you taken heed? Have you considered that I the Lord God, Yahweh, the Almighty God of gods is trying to get your attention? Will you awaken from your slumber and run into My waiting arms or will you fall into the pit as the Earth opens up and swallows you? It is your choice! I love you and I want you to choose Me but I will not force you. Though, I will do everything in My power to convince you to cry out to Me.

I have given My holy sons and daughters many dreams and visions of the horrific earthquakes that are going to take place very soon. I tell you that these are more horrific then you can even imagine. The earthquakes that you have had up until now are only a small taste of what is to come. The “Big One” is coming! Many of you say, “We have heard this for decades” but I say it comes now! Though it has tarried because of My great mercy, that you have taken advantage of, it shall tarry no more. Do you think it is a coincidence that most of the evil cities in this world lie on tectonic plate boundaries? It is not! Neither is it a coincidence that the most evil of cities also are near large bodies of water so that I may use My waters to rise up in judgement upon them.

Anchorage only felt a comparatively small shaking and yet you marvel at what destruction was wrought.

Seattle, you have poked me in the eye with your Space Needle! You have exalted yourself above measure and I will bring you down as I shake you and bring both fire and water.

Vancouver, humble yourself before me! Make yourself low or I will make you low, raze to the ground.

Portland, you have rejected Me and My love violence thus a violent end you will have.

San Francisco and Oakland, you have felt My shaking before but it is nothing compared to what you shall see in the future for you have given up your natural affections for perversion and debauchery. You say that you are proud to be “gay” but your pride is leading to a fall and your “gayness” shall turn into unending sorrow.

Los Angeles, you are city of the fallen angels, not of My holy angels, you will be cast into the sea and shall be no more!

Hollywood, you have spewed your vile filth and perversion across the entire planet but I shall cleanse you in the bottom of the sea.

California, you have burned with fire yet you do not repent, you give Me no choice but to judge you.

Las Vegas, you love to call yourself “Sin City”, you have pronounced judgment upon yourself.

Phoenix, you shall burn but you will not rise from the ashes.

Not only in the west shall you burn, oh Babylon, but all of your great cities shall burn. All of your cities are an abomination to Me! They are centers for evil and sin and I shall shake and flood and burn them and thus they shall be cleansed. After the shaking intensifies in the west, fire shall fall in the east. New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC and many more. America, after you help in the dividing of My land, then your land shall be divided in the middle and the whole nation shall feel the violent shaking! America, you shall feel my hand against you and My wrath will be poured out upon you and you shall be utterly humbled before Me and be made desolate and it shall happen to you before it happens to any other nation.

I cry out to you now! For I know the horrors that you will see, My disobedient children. Your worst nightmares will become reality and then your worst nightmares will become the best of your days, as events that you have never even dreamed of will come upon you. Yet even the most terrible things that can happen to you upon the Earth does not compare to even one second in hell and the Lake of Fire. This is your destination if you do not repent and choose Me. I did not make that place for you but for the deceiver of all mankind. But those who have allowed themselves to be deceived by him will join him in his final destination. I have warned time and time again not to be deceived but you have not heeded my instructions. Yea, you don’t even listen to Me at all! Your minds are too busy being filled with the cares of this world and all the trappings therein. I can pull a camel through an eye of a needle much easier than I can rid a rich man from his possessions and cares in this world, but all things are possible with Me. My children do not be jealous of rich men, for their destruction is near and their end will be complete and utter destruction in fire forever.

I plead with you to repent and repent now while there is still time!

I came as a lamb and I return as a lion!

Jesus Christ

Yahshua ha Mashiach

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