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My Broken Body – Solitary Man

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My Broken Body

June 19, 2024 6:35 PM
Solitary Man


I speak this word to my church, my body in the west. Have you considered why your nations are so divided? Why brother hated brother, why neighbor betrayed neighbor? Where did this spirit of division come from? How did this great evil come about?

Did it not come from my church? Exactly how many denominations are there? Can anyone count them? Are they not as numerous as the sands of the sea? And how did this come about? I give you a hint. Look at what sin is celebrated in all your lands this month. Pride. And where did this pride begin? In your churches.

Men who in their arrogance thought that they were all knowing. Men who would fight to the death defending one man made doctrine or another, splitting church after church. Not caring that every time my body was split, it created a terrible wound that would fester. That it would cause further reproach to my name, and give place to the evil one.

Yet these same men refused to stand up for my word, my truths and my commandments. When it concerned the commandments of men, they fought like devils. When it was time to stand up for purity, for divine holiness, for resisting the evil edicts of wicked governments, they were nowhere to be found.

As you splintered my body, so I have splintered your nations. You cannot come together even at this hour, even as your nations are being invaded and overrun. The enemy has usurped your governments because you were too busy hating one another, even as you would not even fellowship with those of another congregation. Oh, how this pride and hardness of heart has become a stench in my nostrils! How this transgression stirs up my wrath!

Look at the nation in the north. What do you see? In Russia, they have learned their lesson in departing from the living God. They know what it is like living in a place where God and family was crushed.

Even during covid, while they had their share of wicked rulers trying to coerce their people into taking poison. However the people in all walks of life banded together and helped one another to resist. Police refused to enforce unjust laws. Doctors and employers helped others to deceive the authorities, rather than turn them in. As a result, relatively few actually took the poison, though many still died.

Since the people were deprived of their churches for so long, they eagerly re-embraced the church once I had made it possible to do so. Many millions were baptized when they reopened. The church became a great source of unity, and that unity is giving the people their strength.

You may say it is sinful as how that one church persecutes any other denomination that is not of the Orthodox faith. You may condemn that church for its excessive formality, and lack of true life. And you may even be correct in those things. Yet they belong to me, and I will deal with them as I see fit, and in my own time. What I say unto you is that I show you these things to remind you that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

If you cannot even pray together, if you cannot ever agree to stand for the most basic commandments, then how shall you survive? You have brought this upon yourselves with your ridiculous doctrines. Clinging to one stupid notion or another, most of which are either not true or of little importance, while your own nations burn to the ground.

Before I return, my body shall be one. You will either come together, or you shall perish. The fires of persecution shall see to that.

No, the wealth of the sinner shall not be transferred to the just in this season. Stop listening to the foolish babblings of those who have failed to rightly divide my word. Know the times and the seasons. This is the day of vengeance of your God. Either repent and come together to help one another, or stay in your man made islands of doctrinal superiority and die alone. The choice is yours.

Solitary Man


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