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MY BREATH OF JUDGMENT – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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November 9, 2023 8:24 AM
Whitney Eslick Manuel


This is what I journaled after waking up:
“So awesome, LORD!!! So awesome!! I just woke up from an amazing and powerful dream. I was at what looked like the Harbison Blvd shopping center parking lot (the one with Marshall’s, Olive Garden, etc). Edward (my husband) and the boys (my 2 teenage sons, Matthew and Isaiah) were with me. Edward had just seen a Christian friend of ours and had gone off a little ways to talk with him. The boys, too, were walking a bit away from me, where I was, right near the car. I remember an African American woman being very near me; she looked like my old FB friend Lu who is always looking for and heralding the Rapture.

I began to hear a rumble and made my way to the open back hatch door of our vehicle, which looked to be some sort of large SUV/ Station Wagon mix with a large movable back hatch that lifted up to see the full view of the sky. I saw the Christian sister who looked like Lu standing right there as I looked up into the atmosphere. I made a remark about how much I love thunder, thinking that this rumbling indicated that a big thunderstorm was on its way. But then I FELT the rumbling as well as hearing it. And it seemed to be increasing. I commented on this, also, and knew something much more than thunder was afoot.

Just then the sky began to swirl and darken. But right before the darkening, I saw a huge (and I mean HUGE) bursting plume and fountain of bright red hot lava erupting in a massive geyser shooting up high into the air. I didn’t see any mountain or volcano, just the lava portion erupting very high into the sky. It was massive. Then the sky started to darken and I saw what looked like lava rocks, burning red from the inside, and ash coming down from the sky toward us. And more darkness was coming. Then I saw something else. It looked like a swirling whirling plasma of some sort. It was blue and black in color. Mostly black with swirls of this beautiful almost light to medium sort of neon blue or electric blue color within it. It was like a swirling cloud or wall of plasma is the best way I can describe it.

I looked to my left, and although it was now quite dark, I could see some people cowering and sheltering against a storefront, under the roof’s ledge, from the coming onslaught of ash, darkness, fireballs, and swirling blue and black plasma that was coming. I knew the people couldn’t move. Everyone would have to shelter in place wherever they were at this point. Yet, I wasn’t worried for my family.

I then saw a very large, VERY large ball of fiery rock coming towards us. It almost seemed to come from space, perhaps not even from the humongous lava plume that was still spouting. At this, I settled back into my vehicle around the middle (I believe Lu came inside the car as well) and began to praise the LORD. I began declaring His awesomeness, perfection, and His majesty. I closed my eyes and focused on Him. I had no fear of what I knew were His judgments.

Although my eyes were closed and I was praising GOD, I could see a former friend of mine I’ll call “Jen”. Jen is a sweet Believer, but has always been somewhat resistant to hearing anything about GOD’s judgment. In real life Jen has actually avoided me for this and other reasons. In the dream I saw her and another friend I’ve never met running towards our car to get in and seek shelter. There was no way I was going to deny anyone seeking shelter from all that was coming and was there now, but I was a bit put off in the dream thinking that at such an awesome and even holy moment that someone needing so much (emotionally and reassurance wise) was going to come in and kind of destroy the peace with their neediness (You’d have to know our backstory to understand).

I decided to put these thoughts out of my mind. As these two young women ran into the car, Jen screamed, “Help me!! Help me!!” She entered the car in a panic, but I kept praising and glorifying the LORD for His awesomeness and even for His righteous judgments. Hearing that, Jen began to calm down and quiet. My eyes stayed closed, but after a little while I could see Jen offer me some cheese to eat. It was the Pepperidge Farm processed cheese that comes in a small rectangular block in the holiday gift baskets most often seen at Christmas. I thought this was so odd and a very unwelcome intrusion at such a holy and awesome time. Thankfully her friend saw this and shook her head and silently motioned to Jen that this was not the time and to let me continue undisturbed in prayer.

When I finished praying I opened my eyes. I’m not sure how dark it was at this point, but all the goings on seemed to have calmed down. My sons had made their way back to the vehicle and we now had a few people gathered in there. I asked the boys where exactly they had been when it all happened and what their experience had been. I could tell we were all about to swap stories of where we had been when it hit and our experiences (you know, the kind of stories people tell after any kind of huge cataclysmic event). Then I woke up.

Of all I saw in the dream, that massive blue and black swirling plasma-like thing, like a wall of cloud or something, was the most striking and awesome thing I witnessed. Even more striking and awesome than the huge fireball (an almost planetary type object) whose red lava or fire was contained within it rather than without it that seemed to be coming right at us, directionally.

That plasma-type thing was something! It was VERY foreboding and would have scared the living pants off anyone not solidly in CHRIST JESUS. It was foreboding in its awesome judgment nature, but it was also awesome in the PURITY of RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT, like knowing that this judgment was from GOD made it AWEOME and HOLY, like the PURIFIED HOLINESS of the MANIFOLD FEAR OF THE LORD that was SO FELT and ON DISPLAY in this time of judgment. There was no other thing to choose to do during this time than to WORSHIP the LORD in the RAW BEAUTY of His HOLINESS, POWER, and in the AWESOME FEAR of Him!


Although the interpretation seemed straightforward, I still prayed and asked the LORD to please give revelation into it. I asked Him for grace to speak to me about it. I wondered especially at that cloud-like wall of blue and black plasma-type thing. What was it? And why was it so foreboding and awesome at the same time? The blue part that swirled in it was so beautiful!!

I prayed for some time and then heard what sounded like exhales. Like when you take a deep breath in and then let it exhale. That’s what I began hearing- exhales. Then the LORD spoke:

“It was MY BREATH.

My exhalation of judgment that you saw in the blackness and swirling.


That is what you saw.
That is what you witnessed.
This BREATH OF JUDGMENT is coming.

And it will be AWESOME to some, refining their very soul in the AWESOME SPLENDOR at the reality of MY FEAR and they will worship ME in the PURITY OF HOLINESS of MY FEAR, a REALIZED and RECOGNIZED PURE FEAR OF THE LORD.

MY BREATH will put the FEAR OF THE LORD in those of My people who have not been made ready, who still tip toe around in the world and seek their security in things other than Me. These will flee to My holy ones, My obedient children for safety from the storm during the Time of MY AWESOME JUDGEMENTS. These have not perfected themselves in My peace. There is much they don’t understand.

These judgments are My last attempt to have them purify themselves in MY UNDERSTANDING. For the FEAR OF THE LORD is the BEGINNING of WISDOM and knowledge of the HOLY ONE IS UNDERSTANDING.

But MY Bride will beautify herself in the sheer awesomeness of My holy fear, responding only in hallowed praise, singing and telling all who will listen of My GOODNESS and of My GLORY. She will declare the righteousness of My judgments to the world. The beauty of holiness will be on her lips and in her heart in her response as she witnesses this great time of judgment.

Come near, My people.
The night is far spent.
Come near to abide in Me.
As I have said before, ‘Stay with Me’
Stay in Me.
Surely, I come!”

Scripture References:

“By the breath of GOD they perish, and by the blast of His anger they are consumed.”
Job 4:9

“But with righteousness He will judge the poor, and with equity He will decide for the lowly of the earth. He will strike the earth with the rod of His mouth and slay the wicked with the breath of His lips.”
Isaiah 4:9

“His breath is like a rushing torrent that rises to the neck. He comes to sift the nations in a sieve of destruction.”
Isaiah 30:28

“He will not escape from darkness; the flame will wither his shoots, and by the breath of His mouth he will go away.”
Job 15:30

“And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the LORD will consume with the breath (SPIRIT) of His mouth, and destroy with the brightness of His coming.”
2 Thessalonians 2:8

“A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him: thousand thousands ministered unto Him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him. The judgment was set, and the books were opened.”
Daniel 7:10

“The SPIRIT of the LORD will rest on him.
The SPIRIT of wisdom and understanding.
The SPIRIT of counsel and strength.
The SPIRIT of knowledge and the fear of the LORD”
Isaiah 11:2

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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