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MY army will Manifest – 278pikelk

MY army will Manifest – 278pikelk

Published September 19, 2018


My Children, I desire all of My Children to search My Word continually, for searching My Word is searching My heart. My Word is the true story of the love I have for My creation, from the beginning of your earth to the end times of your earth. My Creation, you were created in My image, you were created in My image for an eternity for us to share together, our hearts beating as one together in complete oneness. My daughter asks why was the enemy allowed to destroy us and remove our oneness? I will just share with her, and all who hear these words, that the true reason cannot be shown to you yet, but you will at some point learn the answer. I will say that for true love to exist, the oneness between Me and My creation needed to be interrupted. My Word spoke My creation into existence. My Word is all My creation needs to become whole (oneness). A picture of My love for My creation was painted for you by My suffering before the cross, My suffering on the cross, My death on the cross, and My resurrection. For this does not only show that I love My creation enough to die a physical death for you, but it also shows that this life does not end when your physical body dies. Each soul ever created will be shown My love for them. That may come at any point in their earthly journey, or it may come after they take their last breath upon your earth. My creation is part of Me, and will remain so as long as they remain My creation. Each soul has connected to it, a spirit. Each soul and spirit are one. The soul and spirit are joined upon the miracle of conception with the body: spirit, soul, and body. Each person I have created has been purposeful, not one an afterthought. Many of My creation may never take a sip of air on your earth. Some may live but for a short time. Others will live on your earth for their pre-appointed time. I know each soul intimately, even if they never took a sip of air, for every soul has been with Me for eternity. For the souls that have been made one with the Spirit, and one with body, these, the multitude on your earth, you exist at this time, My Loves, at this very time for a reason. Your existence here and now is purposeful, not the purposes placed upon you by this world, but the purposes preordained by your Creator. In this day, upon your earth, each man walks in his soul, spirit, and body. I call upon those with eyes to see to examine how the enemy comes against My creation. He tries to steal souls. He attempts to break spirits, and he does everything in his power to destroy your mind and body. He has been able to manipulate and use man against himself, for with the advancements in science and technology, man can cease to be man. Men can manipulate their own DNA, which will cause them to cease to be man at all, for My creation in My likeness is what allows our oneness. Once the DNA is manipulated, My existence has no more meaning (think about the mark of the beast and the AI). Under the directions of Satan himself, man is cutting himself off from consciousness of his very Creator, as Satan would like to have his own creation, and has attempted this since the beginning. This is his true goal, and he will do everything in his power to accomplish this goal. For it is not enough that he destroys My creation, he wants to become a creator himself, and he is using My creation to help him, for they know not what they do. He has attempted this before when his fallen angels were for a short time allowed to mingle with My creation. My answer to this was the great flood upon your earth, which his evil ones were then removed. Up until now he has been kept at bay attacking the spirits and bodies of My creation, but My created souls were My own, and only by their own free will could they be turned over to him. Just as the fallen angels were given the choice to follow him, all souls are given the choice to follow him. It is the limited understanding of the minds of men that have allowed them to be manipulated. This is why My Holy Spirit was sent, My Children, for He is the only thing that can preserve the soul. I remain unseen, but only through faith shall you see Me. He remains unseen, but only through the hatred and evil should he be seen. I told this scribe that the veil has been torn, and as his demons and evil creations manifest, My Army will manifest exponentially. As is shown in My Word, My victory is already complete. It is finished! My victory has manifested in the spiritual, and now will manifest in the physical upon your earth. This is not about what you can comprehend, or are allowed to comprehend by your own intellect or human knowledge. Only by My Holy Spirit will you be led forward in this battle, going forth with the knowledge that Satan’s army has no soul. Pray one and all who hear this that you be filled by My Holy Spirit to overflowing. Place My armor on, and let nothing distract you away from doing so. I love you, My Children. Yeshua Ha’mashiach

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