My ANNOINTED Ones – Patti Young


March 27, 2020
Patti Young

The lord gave me great rest last night wonderful sleep. When my eyes opened first thing this morning, he began speaking to me words of encouragement🙌🔥❤

Fire shall come out of the mouths of mine own, mine ANNOINTED ones!! Whom shall we fear, says mine own David’s to Goliath? For now I say such an hour has come, I shall pour out my Annointing to my beloved who have entrusted their lives to me, and have become as gold, these who have come through the fires, mine ANNOINTED ones I have hidden in the dust of the earth, treasures hidden in my fields, the Potters field. I have formed these, and have scourged and burned away their iniquities and idols, all things not of me.

Come I say to my beloved, mine army, come, for I now say I have hidden you for such a time as this. Firewalls shall surround these. Fear and trembling shall now come unto those who are not of me but of the kingdom of darkness, for the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob shall come as a suddenly and enter into MY HABITATION, a people who has sought after me and desired me, their God above all things of this worlds kingdom, those who’s hearts are like David’s. Rejoice oh Israel, for the Lion of JUDAH THE KING OF KINGS over all nations and tribes shall reap the harvest and bring into my barn my sheaves. Rejoice oh mankind, for the Shepherd shall come and deliver mine imprisoned ones.


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  1. Sunny

    This word is so beautiful. I’m greatly encouraged. Thank you for sharing. I’m waiting so desperately for God to finally come and rescue me and vindicates me. I don’t know how many days I’m able to survive the great suffering, pain and persecution which is upon me.
    God bless

  2. sophie

    Ms. Sophie

  3. Elias

    Wow! That word encourages me tremendously. I needed to hear this. I read it over and over and over again. Thank you so much for sharing. Thank you Jesus!

  4. Daniel Noah

    To All: Happened upon a song which totally captures the above picture…and soon actions of the translated ones, who will bring in the winter wheat harvest, from 1st Fruits to Ascension 40 days after(I hope) this Passover/1st Fruits Barley harvest…rapture The song: Fun: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monae(ACOUSTIC)In glorified eternal bodies, shining like Moses did -impervious to any and all machinations/physics of this world’s powers that be…

  5. Luca

    When is Now? I’m so extremely persecuted. I just got picked up by the police with much violence. Without my very needs like my medicine, my medical helps or anything. I don’t even have shoes on and no underwear. They declared me mental sick and put me to jail for that. My suffering is so so so indescribable great. I can’t live without my stuff and it’s terrible here. They lie to me and about me nonstop. Nobody believes me. I’m shaking so heavily. The persecution never stops. It’s so much more I can’t tell here. I’m very sick and need some special stuff to live. They took it away from me. God never comes to help me. How can I keep the faith? It’s so hopeless. It gets worse and worse. They trapped me and torment me so heavily. I can not trust God anymore. I trusted God all the time and every single time he disappointed me and gave me into my enemies hand and left me. The torture and torment was so intense for such a long time and continues.. I am done. Please help!!!!!!!! Jesus where are you? Why are you doing this to me? I’m so desperate. It’s so hopeless. They don’t believe me and say I’m crazy/mad. Everybody hates me. Where is God? He is a liar. He stayed he would come for me. He said he would not burden me more than I can bear. That’s way more than I can bear. God never helps me. I’m crying out in such desperation. I’m locked in. My data almost gone. When I tell them that I believe in God they will never let go. It’s freezing and I don’t have shoes or a jacket with me. They robbed everything away from me. I’m in such great great pain. Why don’t God let me die or rescue me. I can’t hear it any more what’s Now and then there is nothing, but severe persecutions and suffeings. I can’t go on.

  6. Luca

    I can not even pray. I’m not alone in this terrible room. If I’d pray they’d torture me, Christian persecution is so heavy in this country. When I witness that to others, they don’t believe me and say they are also Christians and not persecuted or they know others in my country who are not persecuted. They told me to humble myself and become a better Christian or read your bible, Jesus is so different. They all rejected me and left me alone in my need. I have not one contact any more, nobody who loves me, encourage me or even talk to me. Wherever i go, they just hate me. Here I told the doctor what happensd, but they don’t believe me and say I’m Schizophrenic. I was betrayed, my mom did that to me, she hates me so much. I was hunted down and am traumatized now. I can’t sleep any more. As soon as I fall asleep I get nightmares from the hunting and persecution. I lost all hope that Jesus would ever come and rescue me. God gave me into the devils hand and left me.

  7. Catherine

    Jonathan, is not possible that you find out, where Luca lives? then a brother near him, could visit him and see, if it’s really true, what he says and write and look, if he can help him?

    Luca, God is not a liar but in a point in your life, you made wrong decisions. Did you forgive your mother? how is with forgiveness in your life? if you don’t forgive, the devils have the right to torment you. I visited people with mental problems and I found out, the root of the problem was unforgiveness. If you can’t forgive, ask God to help you to forgive. The wounds of your childhood and the unforgiveness gives the devil the right to torment you your whole life.
    Forgive, break every curse above your life, ask God to heal the wounds in your soul and stand up as a new person. Stop to fight against God and people, beginn to fight against the devil and his demons.
    In every city there is a Salvation Army. Ask for contact, for somebody to visit you, to pray with you.

  8. Chris

    444prophecynews is it possible that you delete Catherine’s comment concerning Luca? She is serverly persecuted and crying out for help. She has no mental problems. It just happens to her what the Bible says would happen to Jesus followers. Luca is crucified with Christ and very obedient in that. If Cathrine isn’t persecuted like Jesus was, she is obviously not following. She pierced Lucas heart before and mocks other people as well. Many people told her to stop the mocking. Many people told her she is wrong. If she has different believe, that’s OK. But mocking is not ok

  9. Elias


    WOW, how can be so evil! Go home, OK! We all know by your comments that you are no true Christian and every time you mock the true one’s who are suffering the greatest sufferings with Jesus. Doesn’t God’s word say you will be called insane and very persecuted, tormented and afflicted just like Jesus was? You don’t know Christ therefore you know nothing about Christ’s sufferings. Doesn’t God’s word say if you are not suffering you are not God’s legal child? You persecute Luca. She is in desperate need and you have nothing else to say than, that somebody should find out where Luca lives to find out if she’s a liar? You attack her so greatly. You are just like all her persecutors. I’m very sure Luca has no mental health problems. She is persecuted to the core. She was taken by violence and locked into a terrible jail without anything if her so very needed things to live. Have you experienced anything like that yet. I’m sure not, because you are if the devil, the devil doesn’t persecute his own people.


    You are precious to God. You are surly no liar or mentally ill. It’s all written in God’s word that this would happen to you if you follow Jesus. I pray for you. Don’t give up hope and faith. Endure until the end and your rewards will be great. Don’t listen to mockers like Catherine.
    Be greatly blessed. Jesus will come soon to rescue you.

  10. Chris


    Please don’t give up, God is not a liar even though sometimes it feels like it. You are such an obedient follower, your rewards will surely be great! It can’t be so much longer until Jesus return. I know for it is probably forever. God, please comfort her, strengthen her and give her everything she needs. Luca, you are so faithfull, following the lamb wherever he goes. Please don’t get concerned about Catherine’s mockeries and persecutions. Nobody will find out where you live and come after you to check if you are mental ill. Cathrine is not of God. Let not people like her pull you more down. Cathrine doesn’t even believe in the Rapture and that Jesus is coming for his people. God bless you! Hugs and kisses

  11. T

    I just saw your comment and I hope you’re in much better position by now.
    I pray to Yehovah in Jesus Christ name, for supernatural solution, to be freed, and also for provisions, encouragement and strength.
    Lean on His strength. I pray He fights instead you.
    I can relate to you in regards to people telling me off, saying stuff like if I went through struggles then I might be needing to repent. One word – Job! He didn’t do anything yet he suffered. More words – the apostles. All of them were persecuted. I also was labeled crazy and chased by institutions. God bless you, Luca. God gives you strength in this and direct your steps.

  12. Cem

    I agree totally with T, Chris and Elias. The more rightous you are, the more you will suffer. Jesus gave an example which we are to follow. he was sinless and suffered the most severe sufferings ever in history of mankind. Job was the most rightous person known on earth and suffered greatly for that. Every apostle was greatly persecuted, tormented and tortured. The closer we follow Jesus, the more we suffer with him and the more will share in his glory also!

    you are such an obedient true follower of Christ. I know it’s very hard, but you should rejoyce in all your sufferings, because your reward will be tremendous great. Try to endure until the end to receive the crown of life. It will defenetly be worth it.
    Don’t listen to modern day pharisees or modern day Saulus, who are telling you you are going through so much suffering because you did someting wrong or made “wrong decisiones” in your life. These people don’t know God, they are enemies of Christ!

    how can you be so evil! You should close your mouth and go home. Here is someone, giving great testimony of following the lamb wherever he goes and cries out for help and support. You have nothing else to do than taking your sword and ram it into this persons heart and give her more pain. That’s persecution. I’ve seen your former comments and you mocked Luca before, not only Luca, you mock so many christians, you mock the brethren. Let me tell you one thing: God is not mocked! And you will get your reward if you refuse to repent! Seek God and read God’s word. Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Jesus. Then HE will teach you his ways and you will also suffer with Christ

  13. Joe

    This message was given 2,5 month ago. I don’t understand why God is saying NOW is this and NOW comes that when the opposite happens. Fear and trembling came over the most faithful christians only and the wicked are even more wicked and have total victory over christians. The persecution and suffering of christians increased tremendously since this word went out. I can not believe anything any more. Id God a liar? Are all these prophets false? I’m losing faith. My hope for redemption and justice died. I’m just whizing away in missery. There is NO annointing poured out and NO fire comes out of anybodys mouth and there is NO firewall protecting the annointed ones. The opposite! The annointed ones were utterly destroyed and are suffering the greatest unthinkable afflictions under the hand of the enemy.

    Cathrine, I have no words for your attacks against Luca. Don’t be deceived, you don’t know Christ! These people like you are the worst, calling themselves christians and go out with their sword to attack and hurt christians wherever they can. you belong to the group which God will spew out. That’s your decision. So be it.

  14. Smilla

    Three horrible moneth passed since this prophecy went out and the exact opposite happend. The annointed ones trembled in terror and fear through the hand of godless people. It never stopped, there is no firewall around them yet and God didn’t enter into his habitation. I’m losing faith. Is God a liar? I can’t bear this great suffering any more. Are all these prophets here on this side false? Didn’t I understand something? I’M always reading what’s NOW NOW NOW and then I get encouraged and wait and days go by and weeks, month and years and still I hear NOW NOW NOW. Disappointments only. Is God’s NOW maybe longer than my lifetime? Doesn’t he know what NOW means to us? I don’t think so. In late summer 2017 Jesus told me he would come very very soon, it was very urgent. since March 2018 I’m eagerly waiting counting with Jesus return daily. I told everybody that Jesus is coming. The whole world hate me. I was persecuted and tortured so severe. I didn’t stop until now. I’m so exausted, weary, worn, pierced by terrible pain and grieve. I can’t go on. They made me a prisoner, I can not escape. They control me, took my home, my money my everything. I was betrayed and delieverd by my own family, before I was betryed by my very good christian friends and other good freinds from my ex-church betrayed me, too. What happened to me I can’t describe. Nobody even believe me and say I’m shitzophrenic and say that’s not possible in this country. They destroyed my life. I’m very sick, I have no food I can eat and have no chance to get some. They lie about me all the time and torture me. I have no chance. In my country I’m so severly persecuted. It’s te government, the system which persecutes and hunted me down. I’m so at the end of myself. God gave me into Satan’s hand and left me. It’s too much for me, it has been going on for many years, but the last year was the very worst which broke me. I’m totally broken and can’t go on. My persecuters right behind me. I can’t explain how I feel and how great the suffering is and nobdoy can imagine it, but the ones who have been through that, too. I’m losing faith. All the time I was convinced that Jesus would come any moment, but now I don’t know if he will ever come for me in the near future. Any day is great suffering and unberable. Time goes by so slowly. The last 3 years seemd like forever. I’m completely hopeless. What if Jesus ain’t coming? He told his deciples 2000 years ago he would come back soon and they believed it and waited for him, but he never came, they’ve waited in vain. I can not trust God any more. His word is NOT true. He never comes to rescue his people when they cry out ot him, he burdened me more than I can bear, he lied, he doesn’t bring righteousness and justice. He just left me in the misery. What can I hope for?

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