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MY ANGER – Sue Piccini


Sep 19, 2019
Sue Piccini

September 18, 2019

Ezekiel 7:8
“Now upon you I will soon pour out My fury and spend My anger upon you; I will judge you according to your way, and I will repay you for all your abominations.”

“ Daughter of the Most High God, you must tell the people of the Earth of My anger that has risen up in Me and what that means for them. They do not hear nor do they see, the horrible things that they are doing to provoke My anger, but they will see very soon that they have brought on themselves My Wrath.”

“ The whole Earth is about to see many disasters of major proportions come upon them, they are about to see a raging war that they do not expect to happen, come upon them. My warnings seem to be falling on deaf ears and sightless people. Therefore, I am finished with their none believing hearts and their mocking of the warnings I have given them and the mocking of Me and My Son Jesus. Jesus, My Son died to give them life eternal, life, but they shun Him and refuse to come to Him. Thus, I will shun them and refuse to allow them into My Kingdom.”

“Get prepared My Bride, as you are about to leave this horrible place to be with Me for all Eternity. The things you will experience before My coming, is nothing compared to the horror the others will experience. Do Not be dismayed, but be repentant and prepared for My Return.”

Yeshua Ha Mashiach Comes!!!

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