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My Anger is Inflamed! – Caroline Diadem

My Anger is Inflamed! – Caroline Diadem

February 28, 2019


I’m 25th of February I received this

Message from the Lord.

America you are going to fall so hard. You are going to fall so hard the sovereign Lord is against you. You who spit in the face of a Holy God by murdering babies to full term. Murdering God’s children you still don’t listen you still don’t believe. But enough is enough your time is up. Oh mourning and weeping will come upon you as my prophet said you love to bury your head in the sand just as you love to bury your principles. Your morality your sins your arrogance is a stench to me. Your pompous attitude in such a season as this I contempt you a season as this which spits in my face and defies me on every level how dare you how encourage alar you towards sin and wickedness yet you arrogantly declare nothing will ever happen to me but I will break you both swiftly and suddenly I will take those arrogant legs right from under you you defy heaven itself I am furious at you I burn with a furious rage repent I come quickly I come swiftly I will come with a surprise attack and take you down to Hell itself this is judgment by fire for you have inflamed me with the extent of your evil and have blasphemy my name in the sight of the nations how could you loathe me like this I will make a mockery of you in the eyes of the nations just as you have mocked me in their eyes you have become a courser brood and you heap up disaster for yourself repent or I will turn you to hell repent off this blood or I will take you out in a moment like Korah for I am furious with you and my wrath burns is a fire which shall not be quenched until I’ve destroyed you and ever whose fingers have dipped themselves in the blood of these innocent ones they will be your judges the innocent ones will be your judges be you utterly ashamed for your depravity for it descends to the lowest hell repent I say repent for I tell you I come quickly with no notice and I shall take you out when you are not looking when you are not prepared repent repent your season is running out quickly and speedily I come quickly to repay as a mighty sandstorm comes with great fury and a sudden blast I will come upon you and overwhelm you so that’s a strong word and there from the Holy Spirit that I received the other day but ever since this support new abortion law was passed in New York I’ve really feeling so stirred and about it as as a lot of other believers have as well and rightly so it’s it’s abhorrent what’s going on it’s just it’s unbelievable really he’s a truly unbelievable in my eyes in my mind and I just also just want to end with this Jeremiah because you know I want people to know that even if you have partaken in abortion or done anything like that or even you voted on you know in agreement with it and I just want you to know that there is repentance you know and you need to repent and you need to you know bring your heart before the Lord and ask God to forgive you and and in in Jeremiah verse or so it says here unfaithful Israel come back to me I am merciful and will not be angry I will not be angry with you forever only admit that you’re guilty and that you have rebelled against the Lord your God confess that under every Green Tree you have given your love to foreign and that you have not paid my commands I the LORD have spoken and I believe that God highlighted that to me as well you know so that people will just repent and come to the Lord is very like every day that at the moment that we have is just a day given to us to repent and to make ourselves right with the Lord because the there’s a change coming times are gonna change the judgments wants the judgments here in that’s it this world is going to be turned into turmoil it’s gonna be turned upside down it’s not just gonna affect America it’s gonna affect the world America is always affected the world it will affect the world and but it’s just that God’s highlighting this time frame for America I believe at the moment anyway that’s what well that’s how God speaking to me personally and so that is an invitation for people to repent we’re in serious times and I don’t know when these judgments are gonna start but when I first got visions from the Lord back in you can refer to my other videos about the tsunami coming tsunami that’s coming over the east coast of America and the war they are the huge massive army that I saw in preparation for war that was already there I felt the Lord Sherman is already there existing and I felt that the judgment would begin between one and three years that’s what I sense and that’s what I felt at that time and so we’re coming very up close you know on the third year really so anyway I just want to leave that with you and welcome your comments and anybody and if you want me to pray pray for you if you are wanting to repent and give your heart to Jesus Christ and just confess your sins to him and ask Jesus into your hearts to be your Lord and Savior and if you want me to pray for you just leave comments there and I can give you my email and pray with you as well okay god bless everybody I have a good day


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