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May 17, 2024 10:21 AM
Sarah Love Christ Jackson


My YouTube is SARAH LOVE CHRIST JACKSON. I have gotten dreams from God off and on my entire life. Jesus Christ is very real to me and a daily discussed and important person in me and my children’s life. Now being a mother of 3, my son, my middle child started getting end time dreams. One when he was 8 and they been coming repeatedly 2024 now that he is 10 years old.

Acts 2:17, In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people; your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

God will always give a 2nd witness; April 2024 God has used my baby to confirm to me what I was seeing by what he was seeing as well because we were dreaming and hearing from God the same night at times. I pray these dreams be end time confirmations for whoever is looking for another witness to verify what the holy spirit is revealing to them.

(Dream July 4,2022) FIRST RAPTURE DREAM
My son said in his dream we were in a restaurant and alarms started going off. When alarms went off people started running. He instantly ended up outside in his dream, he told me he saw hot rocks falling out the sky and they were on fire. Remind you he was 8 at the time so his verbiage is different than an adult to describe what he saw. He said he saw acid, which could of from my opinion been lava coming out the ground. Then he said he saw people disappearing. He knew it was the rapture.

My son said in his dream we were in the house we currently live in. He said alarms started going off. Then he could see outside he saw dinosaurs appearing that were killing people, he saw a tsunami, he saw demons appear that started killing people. The demons did not have any eyes or a mouth. No facial features were present on these demons but they did have horns and axes and were killing people. He told me the sky was red in this dream. He said in a nearby town he could see water a beach or a lake. He saw sharks with legs come out the waters and start killing people.

In his dream he said it was a beautiful blue day then the sky went dark out of nowhere. He said he saw angels and demons fighting. He said the angels had swords, and they were fighting the demons over the people. The angels were trying to protect the people. He said some demons were fighting angels. Some demons were chasing the people. He described the angels as having glowing white eyes with swords. He couldn’t remember other details of their appearance. He saw the demons but he couldn’t see their heads. I’m thinking their appearance was hidden from him. He said after that he saw volcanoes, tsunamis, floods, and earthquakes. Then the dream ended.

(Dream May 2,2024) HELL DREAM
His dream started with him walking through a castle in hell. This place was dark, it had fire, and he could see big demons with horns tormenting people. These people were in skeletal form being thrown into lava. He could see people being tormented and he heard screams. He saw a light in the middle of this castle and he said the demons would not go near that light. I’m thinking the light had to be the Lord or an angel. He proceeded to walk through this castle down a hall until he reached a door. When he opened the door. He said he saw Satan. Satan was very big, red, with horns and was tormenting a larger group of people than the demons he saw beforehand throwing people in lava. He shut the door and proceeded to walk to the next door on this hall. This next door had girls only on this door. He opened the door and saw demons raping women. He heard them screaming. He didn’t want to tell me that part because he felt like that’s not for children to see or talk about. He shut that door and proceeded to the next. The next door that he opened he saw houses on fire. He could she skeletal forms in the houses on fire, there was money in lava on the floor. He said the people burning cared more about the money in the lava than themselves burning. I’m guessing the money was their god and idol. He shut that door as well. Proceeded to the next. This next door he saw people in skeletal form eating food that had lava and bugs in it. I felt it possibly had something to do with gluttony. So, I greatly encourage fasting. He closed that door and proceeded to walk into what he called another castle. He said he saw demons cloning themselves to torment more people. The demons were increasing their numbers. He said in another room he saw demons teleporting to Earth from that room in a castle in Hell. They were going to Earth to attack people.

His dream started off with ufo’s. The ufo’s were abducting people taking them up into ships through some light. He saw ufo’s destroying civilization. He saw demons in the ufo’s destroying humanity. He saw the dinosaur bones then he saw the actual dinosaurs. He saw a Spinosaurus, T-Rex, and Pterodactyl. Remind you in an earlier dream he saw dinosaurs eating people. He said he saw WW3 and a nuclear weapon going off. He said the sky wasn’t normal. He spoke of nuclear radiation, it being cold, and plants not growing, and nuclear winter. He saw a massive pit in the Earth a big black hole. He said demons were coming out of this pit. He specifically said the ufo’s came out the sky but more demons were coming from the pit in the Earth. He said the demons/aliens in the ufo’s were not messing with the people who took the mark of the beast. He said the people that took the mark of the beast started changing into monster’s/creatures. He remembers some having an extra eye, three eyes’, possibly more limbs. He said during WW3 he saw human and robot soldiers. He said he saw Japan. Jesus was in the sky over Japan. He said this bad stuff was occurring all over the world but it was worse here in America. He said Jesus was over Japan in the sky because they weren’t as bad as America. He saw 26 angels. He said they had white hair, yellow glowing eyes, wings, wore a kimono that was white and yellow. I think he meant a robe which looks like a kimono. He remembers hearing 1.5 billion demons but he knew those 26 angels were enough to beat them. He said he heard the Rapture mentioned but he didn’t see it. Then the dream ended. I’m not sure of the order of events.

His dream started with being taken up into a ufo. In the front of this craft, he saw aliens driving it. The usual depiction of alien’s big black eyes with green skin. He walked into the back and he saw these demonic alien’s testing on humans. As he walked back further, he saw these demonic alien’s eating people. Then he saw a ufo crash and the scene changed. There were houses on fire everywhere. The aliens came out the ship and started using beams coming out the eyes to burn off the torso of people’s bodies, and also chasing people. He said he went into other houses that weren’t burning Christians were in those houses praying. They were safe. Then he said a drill appeared, he drilled deep down into the Earth to Hell. He saw people in skeletal form chained up. They had to jump into the lava. He knew it was a repeated torment. He said he then saw 3 roads in hell. He was on the first road he said he knew it was hotter than the Sun down there. He felt the sweat on his body from the temperature in that place. On the first road what appeared before him were naked people, raping people. Running looking up at the sky. On the second road he said he saw what he saw in his first rapture dream it was almost the same. Alarms going off and people leaving the building to see tons of meteors falling from the sky to Earth. On the third road he said he was back in our house. He said he had powers he could fly. He was in the living room when he saw a dark figure pass the door. He proceeded to go in the hall after the tall black figure. He said the hall had more doors than what our current hall has. The tall black figure like a shadow person no facial features just black with white holes for eyes, he said a white mouth. He had power to paralyze it, then it disappeared. He walked back into the living room the tv was on with static. He saw the figure in the tv. He walked outside that same demon face was in the sky. He walked through the neighborhood and he saw people under mind control. He knew they were being mind controlled then the dream was over.

Matthew 11:25-30 New International Version (NIV) At that time Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this is what you were pleased to do.

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