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Mutual Destruction of Iran and US (Babylon) – Watchwoman

DREAM of Jesus: PROPHECY GIVEN: Mutual Destruction of Iran and US (Babylon)

Jan 7, 2020

Auto Transcript

I’m a watchman woman I’m not a prophet
but after yesterday the Lord gave me a
prophetic message to give to you after
posting one of my most difficult
messages to warn people and ask for
prayer yesterday many people on my
channel came against me refusing to pray
and telling me that I was being
disobedient by posting the message and
also calling me names I was grieved in
my spirit from the vision that I saw
which was a terrible thing to see and I
went to Jesus in prayer yesterday after
spending most of the day in tears I saw
Jesus in a dream last night and Jesus
gave me a warning and a prophecy for you
and so I’m prophesying to you for the
first time and probably the last time
with great heaviness in my heart I’m
gonna read to you what the Lord gave me
I have the Holy Spirit on me very
strongly now you need to understand that
when you treated me like that I was a
messenger from the Lord you treated
Jesus like that I saw Jesus in a dream
last night and he was full of sorrow and
he was angry and he was comforting me
and this is the message he gave me

because you have not heeded the warning
from the one I sent to you I will double
my punishment I will cut the ship in
half with my sword Iran in the US will
be as two elk fighting to the death
both mortally wounded this is a prophecy
the Lord has given me the scripture that
he gave me a psalm 137 8 which speaks
about the death of Babylon Matthew 25:40
which says truly I say unto you to the
extent that you did at least of my these
my brethren you did it to me and
revelation 18 come out of mind by people
that you might be partakers of her sins
that she not receive her plagues for her
sins have reached under the heavens and
God hath remembered her inequities
reward her even as she has rewarded you
and double unto her according to her
works in the cups which she
have a fill to her double

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