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Mutations Before Vaccinations

January 22, 2021
Psalm 33:11 (KJV)
The counsel of the Lord standeth for ever, the thoughts of his heart to all generations.

In our recent posts, we mentioned about viral mutations and the danger it brings. First, Let is have a look at the basics of the science so that we know what is at stake for this vaccines.

Mutations are mistakes in the world of genetics, mistakes in the processes of Replications of the DNA. There are two types of mutations. Deletion is one type of mutation where a specific nucleotide is deleted or nocked off or omitted through the process of Replication. Insertion and substitutions is when a specific nucleotide is inserted as new and substituted for the old.. Inserted, Deleted or Substituted, Mutations can be silent or detrimental. For that matter, mutations can be beneficial too.

If a mutation doesn’t bring any change to the coded protein, it is called silent mutation. The DNA sequence in the genetic inheritance of the translated protein is not affected or didn’t bring any detrimental change. In the other hand, if the mutation brings a detrimental effect in the sequence of the DNA material to cause a significant change in the protein coded, it is missense mutation, a genetic alteration in which a single base pair substitution alters the genetic code in a way that produces an amino acid that is different from the usual amino acid at that position. There is nonsense mutations where stop codons are introduced to stop coding for functional proteins

In the process of coding for a specific protein, normally, one Gene code for one specific protein. The gene for insulin code for the protein Insulin, very specific and conserved. It is one frame and the DNA sequence and the protein it codes is specific. In the case of many virus, they use frame shift mutation. They shift the process of coding for proteins so that one gene can code for more than one protein. That is why virus mutate very fast. The rapid mutation of different pathogenic virus makes it difficult to produce a vaccine which works for all times. Many pathogenic virus like Influenza virus and Covid virus mutate making the production of vaccines difficult.

We know what the Lord gave us. Taking the Covid vaccine is a complete separation from out Father, for eternity. It is death in all forms, carnally and spiritually. “DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINES” is what we are instructed.

The vaccine story is much deeper than what the science is telling us. If a person is infected with Covid we are told the immunity lasts only for ~four months. If the immunity from getting infected with the whole live virus lasts only about four months, how long does the immunity from a segment, from the spike proteins, lasts.? Logic tells us the same or less, not long lasting.

Before the vaccines are fully distributed, there came many mutations globally and just recently one of them came out to be detrimental. There rate of infection of the new mutant covid virus is said to be higher, >70% and evidently the percentage of deaths from the new mutants strain increases with the rate of infection, the least. It can also be more deadly.

Now, the problem with the new mutant strain of Covid-19 which is spreading alarmingly fast, globally raised two major problems

1. The antibodies in the serum taken from infected individuals by the current covid none mutated strain doesn’t give significant protection from infections by the new mutant strain.

2. From the few studies made, the current vaccines at work are not fully protective from the new mutant strain.

More studies are needed to have a reliable conclusion. But for now the vaccine or the antibody are found to be not eccectively protective from the new mutant strain.

The conclusion is, those who have taken the vaccine lost two folds. There is no certainty that they are getting protection from the vaccine and the antibodies and worst of all they have willingly and completely separated themselves from our Father for eternity.

What can we say, they should have listed to the words of the Lord. The concept of the vaccines is dead from its inception and dead on arrival. Millions are already lost. Let this be an additional warning for those who are desperate to get the vaccine..
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