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Don’t Look Back! You Must Face This Reality but You Must Not Fear!

March 14, 2020
Jeff Byerly
Holy Spirit Wind


My son give this message to my children.

The physical reality in your world has changed and it will continue to change at an ever-increasing velocity. Things in your world will never be the same as they were. They will never go back to the way they once were. The “normal” that you once knew is gone. Don’t look back! You must face this reality but you must not fear! You will stand in My Power! Be like David before Goliath not like Lot’s wife. Let My perfect love cast out your fear. You must trust Me, you must cling to Me and you must rely on Me. You must know that I am still in control no matter what happens. I AM your only hope. Be still and know that I AM GOD!

I have been telling My people that the time that you are in would come for many years now. Things are playing out differently than most of you thought but you must remember that I have not given all the details. What has been truly prophesied by My prophets and watchmen, your sons and daughters, the young and the old and even to those who are seen as the most lowly members of society, will come to pass. It may come to pass differently than what you have expected. The powerful, rich, proud, haughty men of the world do not hear from Me, they believe the lies of their god and they will go to destruction with him.

Most in the church and even in My bride did not expect to see the things that they are seeing and will see, even though it has been foretold. There were many more false prophets sent out among you than there were true ones. Did I not warn you of this? They have caused confusion, division, doubt, unbelief and have caused many to fall away from Me. This is not yet the great falling away (2 Thess 2:3), this will occur after the man of sin and lawlessness: the Antichrist is revealed to the world. He has already been revealed to many of My children but most still say that it cannot be him and some will even bow to him and his image. Most of the church has failed to discern this, they are under a veil of deception but I can burn a hole right through that by the power of My Spirit.

America and Israel, you have said that I have sent king Cyrus to you to rebuild the temple but he is not who you suppose and I will never dwell in a temple made by human hands. I have told you that this king is as Saul because the people demanded a king and he is as Belshazzar because he shall be slain. The one who replaces the one who is taken away is the sixth king who is of the seven and also the eighth king, the first beast, the son of perdition, who shall be indwelled by the very spirit of Satan himself. Many have been deceived into thinking that this seventh king was sent to bring a return to greatness to America but in fact he has only led America to be a greater Babylon. He himself does not repent before Me and neither does he lead his country into repentance and back to her Savior. Instead he speaks with arrogance, pride and narcissism saying that America shall recover from the man made pestilence that has come to her shores but she will not. This pestilence will be replaced by worse ones and greater control will be placed upon the people with the new technology, satellites and then the mark of the beast.

I must allow this time of judgment, brought by the enemy and his evil men, to wake up My sleeping church. Most did not seek Me in repentance or listen to My still, small voice when I told them to awaken. Now the enemy is being unleashed and they will be shook violently by him. I use him for My purposes to cause pain and anguish and suffering and trials and tribulation so that men will cry out to Me. Few cry out to Me during times of peace and goodness and prosperity but when My judgments are in the earth the people learn righteousness and repent.

America, you will no longer be free to do as you please in the days that come shortly. The one who has proclaimed prosperity and freedom is bringing forth lack and captivity. Your travel will be restricted and it will only become worse as chaos, fighting and then war ensues. The current man made pestilence is just the first stepping stone to total control of the masses. Many worse things are on the horizon that will cause much more serious illness and death of hundreds of millions in order to bring in their New World Order. The financial institutions of the world are teetering on the brink of destruction and you are seeing shortages of supplies even now but it will not crash to the bottom until the fiery kick off event in New York City. Then the false messiah will come in to “save the day” and all the world will wonder at him. America, your current king is one of the “fall guys” but he is also in on this Satanic plan. It is true that I allowed him to be king in order for there to be extra time of repentance but very little has come. Instead My church has been made drunk with the fruit of his vine and absolute madness has overcome many. To these he does no wrong, even though he does exactly what all of his predecessors did, even worse than all but one. The one who never really left, the one who imitates Me as the one who was and is and is to come.

Now My people listen and seek understanding of what I say next. This king and those around him have called for a day of prayer to turn back the judgment that has been unleashed. Hear Me NOW! I will NOT turn back this man made pestilence without repentance, that means turning from sin and back to Me. My saints, I warn you, do not pray against My redeeming judgments that are upon the land of America, I will not hear it. Pray for those in your family and those that I have given you authority over; your sphere of influence and pray for hearts to be softened unto repentance. The prayers of those who have hardened their hearts toward Me are like ashes thrown into the wind, they do nothing. This is what I say, rend your hearts and not your garments, call for a solemn assembly, fall on your faces before Me in sackcloth and ashes, repent and turn away from your sin and cry out to Me with everything that is within you! Even if this were to be done in America, your judgment would be lessened but not completely taken away. This is because judgment has been set for years now, you have passed the point of no return as a country. The wheels of judgment have been set into motion, doors have been shut that no man can open and doors have been opened that no man can shut. I can and will show mercy in the judgment that is now here and then in the even more severe judgments that follow.

My elect-remnant-bride, I once again call upon you to stay hidden in Me until I call upon to you arise and shine in My glory. Do not fear that which is not from Me for I have given you authority over it by My shed blood and in My name, Jesus The Christ, Yahshua Ha Mashiach. Stand up and proclaim that which is from the enemy is not yours! Command that these things must Go, by the authority in My name and then receive all of the Holy Spirit that I want to give you, pressed down, shaken together and running over. When you run over with My Spirit you touch others and they will know it.

The measure of My Spirit will be increased in you after the fiery kickoff event in New York City happens. As the judgments increase so will My Spirit. Many will be turned to Me during this time that will be greater than the book of the Acts of the Apostles in the scripture. Soon after this will be the time of the transformation, when My fiery rock shall rip open the sky, fall and shake the whole earth. This is when My wrath is poured out and the great, thick darkness falls just as it did before. The fallen ones will be forced down and My hidden ones shall rise up and bring in the remainder of the great harvest with Me and the angels.

This is all coming in very short order!

Prepare the way of the Lord!

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