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Music, Rock and Roll, and the Beat Goes On!

July 11, 2023 6:21 PM


My children believe that all is going back to normal and soon everything will be back to how it was pre-pandemic. There is nothing further from the truth.
Right now, you may be listening to the music that has lulled you to sleep, but you will be abruptly awakened. You may think that your Rock & Roll can mask my truths, but not for long.

I Am the conductor of it all and no matter what you are listening to, the beat will go on, to reflect my plan, my will, my story and my music.

It is time to wake-up to the sounds you have never heard before. The tones, the notes, the colors and hues each note emanates.

As your Earth falls further into decay, wake-up to all truths, all lies, all fabrications that have and have not formed your perception. Piece the notes together to form a new reality. Each soul is here to string these chords (notes) into a new paradigm.
When you wake to this new reality, humble yourself, ditch all pride, get on your knees and know there is a force way greater than you.

Repent of all you have done wrong (past and present), stay away from all sin, read my word and know that I Am will take care of my own. Yes, the beat goes on, to MY drum.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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