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Mushroom Clouds And The Sinner’s Prayer – Bro John in Mo

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Mushroom Clouds And The Sinner’s Prayer

November 16, 2023 4:54 PM
Bro. John in Mo.

Greetings to all the Saints of God. I felt led to make a comment on the article posted by McKana titled: “A Red Flash of Big Explosion In The East Coast” posted on 11/13/23 here at the 444prohecynews website. What McKana saw is similar to a flash vision that I had over a week ago. The date that I saw this vision was 11/07/23, (I may be off a day…I forgot to write the exact date down) that would make it about 6 or 7 days prior to the day of the vision spoken of by McKana. God absolutely confirms similar things with his servants. Here is what I saw:

I was leaning back in my recliner relaxing with my eyes closed, when suddenly I saw what looked like a Black Hawk Military Helicopter on the ground right in front of me. About one second later, off in the distance, what looked to be several miles away, I saw a large explosion and flash, and a large mushroom type cloud rising up into the air. The explosion that I saw was directly behind the helicopter, and out on the horizon. Suddenly the vision ended. Total length of time of the vision…maybe three seconds or so.

I do not know where these images that I saw were located, and the Lord has spoken nothing or shown me anything additional concerning this vision. I just though I would share it with you all. Here is the important thing: Those of us that are prophetic are seeing visions of impending war-time nuclear calamities. Two people seeing mushroom clouds in one week is a very concerning matter. Please take these prophetic warnings seriously and do not get desensitized by those who are posting what they are seeing. Get yourself prepared spiritually and physically…NOW. There will be no excuses for those who do not.

God in his great mercy is currently using his servants to show those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the soon coming war out on the prophetic horizon. Please friends, I’m begging you in all seriousness…amend your ways with the Lord RIGHT NOW while you are still breathing, and stockpile all needed critical supplies. Do it without delay! A horrible nuclear war is coming. Please do not doubt what I am trying to warn you about. When will all of this happen? I do not know, but it certainly feels as if it is getting very close now. We could wake up tomorrow morning to find out that we are officially at war, and under total Martial Law. Would you be ready spiritually and physically if it did happen tomorrow?

If you are coming to this website just for your Daily Dose of Doom, and are thinking “Well…I know that I’m really not right with God, but I plan on doing it someday soon” Friends that is a very bad plan. The highway to hell is paved with good intentions. There are millions upon millions who are in horrible torment right now in the fires of hell as you are reading this, who will FOREVER see it re-played over and over again in their mind every opportunity they had in their lifetime to repent and receive salvation in Jesus Christ, but they were deceived by Satan into putting it off until tomorrow. All chances for salvation are now…on THIS SIDE of the grave!

At some point for all of us, “tomorrow” never comes, and death comes a calling. Maybe someone forwarded this message to you, or you somehow stumbled across this word and you KNOW that you are lost, and your life feels hopeless, broken and miserable. Please do yourself the biggest favor in the world, and turn to Jesus now while you still can. Is there really any reason why you can’t or won’t? If you do not know how to do this, then simply get by yourself somewhere and pray the following, or something similar:

“Heavenly Father. I come to you in the name of your Son Jesus. I believe that you sent your Son into this world to die for my sins. I am tired of this miserable life that I’m living, and I can’t do this anymore without you, and I desperately need you. Lord Jesus, please this very moment come into my heart and save me, and forgive me of all of my sins, and be the Lord of my life. In the name of Jesus I ask. Amen.”

Just saying those words will not save you, but saying them with a broken hurting heart and truly MEANING what you said will! Over 33 years ago I said much fewer words, but I meant what I said, and I was truly born-again. If you spoke this little prayer and truly meant every word that you said, then YOU ARE SAVED. Get yourself a King James Bible and start reading it daily.

If you said that prayer, you got into the ark of salvation just in time. The BIG TEST is coming soon for all of us, make sure that you are diligently cramming for finals. Stay in the word of God. All of us in the ark of safety (Christ) are sailing directly out into a mighty hurricane of war, famine, and pestilence. The wind is about to scream and howl, and the crashing waves from hell are about to beat hard against the boat. We must not despair and forget that THE MASTER IS IN THE BOAT WITH US. HE’S AT THE HELM, AND IN FULL CONTROL. TRUST HIM, HE WILL NOT FAIL YOU.

As I close, please click the link I have listed below. It is an old secular song from the 1980’s. I remember hearing this song played on the radio many times when I was out drinking and running wild. I never did really listened to the lyrics until I got saved in 1990. Sit alone and REALLY listen to this song, and apply the words and music to the world that we are now presently in. It is downright chilling, and very timely. The war is soon coming to our doorsteps. Can you hear me? May the Lord bless and keep you all safe. Come soon Lord Jesus! Maranatha! youtube.com/watch?v=Ddi2TBnzdPo

Bro.John in Mo.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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