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MUSHROOM CLOUD – Messenger Sent


October 13, 2020 10:06 AM
Messenger Sent

A Vision I Had January 2, 2016

As I looked up into the night sky I saw missiles coming down from all directions. Then I was standing on top of a hill or mountain looking down , where I saw houses / neighborhood ,and city. Then I saw Bombs going off everywhere , but I think I heard someone say “Mushroom cloud ,” Then as I looked again there were Nukes landing everywhere , small ones ,Big ones, far and close.( couple of months ago I asked The Lord if His Bride will be here when WW3 would start, and I had a vision where I heard a Voice say ,” When the missiles are in the air, The Bride will be taken.” …so please Don’t be frightened If you truly are Gods people we won’t be here when it happens) … Then I found myself back to my house I felt like we didn’t have anytime ,that soldiers were going house to house to take people from their homes to take them else where. I told my Family , “What ever you do ,Do NOT deny Christ!” We were then put in these tight living quarters , almost like cells. And no privacy , others families where right next to yours. I saw a family ( looked like CHIP & JOANNA GAINS ) was given about $20 or $10 dollars , to last them all week ( or month not sure ) for their food and for their necessities .I noticed the lady started to cry as If she said to herself “how are we going to make it , with this much money.” I also saw from far away that an evil man was put in charge of this whole operation, in this part of a city or town ..but I believe this was happening all over the World. (and no It wasn’t the Anti-Christ. )…this man looked like a General of some sort , but he was wicked no remorse what so ever. ……The End…

Please Pray for confirmation on this , and prepare yourselves Spiritually. God has been Warning time after time , about His Coming . There is a reason why , cause These things are about to take place ( THE GREAT TRIBULATION ).And God wants NO ONE to go through this and stay behind. It will be horrifying that in those days many will want to take their own lives , but won’t be able to! Repent , Jesus Is Coming !!!!



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