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Multitudes of bright Light, Like Shining Stars. and Two Moons! – McKana

Multitudes of bright Light, Like Shining Stars. and
Two Moons!

June 3, 2020
2 Peter 3-4, 9 (KJV)
3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, 4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.
9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

Here are two visions I saw which need to be reveled to all. The first one is many multitudes of lights, like stars in the sky all over the world. The second one is mysterious. Many, in visions and dreams, have seen two moons but all are asking why two moons what does it mean? After I read “The Mirror Of Eternity, Only A Grain Of Sand, June 1, 2020,” and the related messages with it, I though what I saw might have some meaning and relate to what this last revelations tells us. What does two moons mean? Are these two moons/planets the ones which are going to collide over the earth to being the last warning? God Knows. Expect the seemingly impossible. There is nothing impossible for God.

Multitudes of brightly shining star-like lights all over the world
(Vision of 11/27/2017 9:00 AM)

I see a TV screen in front of me. It came from nowhere, closer and closer for a clear vision. There is the spherical world with the continents in the screen. I have a view of the whole round world with its clear blues oceans. There are many many sources of bright light dancing around on the air high up in the atmosphere. New one are coming up. There are so many of them shining bright and new ones coming in good numbers high up to the atmosphere to hover over the spherical world under them. They are flickering lights, like bright little stars moving swiftly from one place to another. It is amazing and very exciting. I knew what they are. These are lives saved and new ones being saved. Many multitudes are being saved. I was wondering, so many being saved everyday and came to understand that the Lord is giving time for many to come to Him. At this rate, within a short period of time multitudes, if not the whole world, many, many are going to be saved. I felt so happy, full of Joy started shouting holly holly holy, hallelujah. I wanted to kneel down in front of the TV to praise the Lord and woke up from this wonderful vision.

Surprisingly, very many of these shining with the Glory of the Lord are in the far east, well over the orient and over China, so also many in the other par of the world.

Even though we don’t see it, many multitudes are being saved throughout the world, everyday. So is the patience of the Lord to this end so that many can be saved.

Praise you Lord, thank you for giving time for many to come to you.


1. Two Moons!-Vision/Dream
(Vision of March 7, 2017 ~4:00 AM)

In a clear vision, I saw two full moons. There are clouds in the lower region but didn’t cover the two moons. To the west, clearly I saw two moons. They were clear moons, they look like the regular moon, positioned one above and behind the other, equal in size. I don’t know what two moons means. What does it mean?

2. Two moons-open vision
(Open vision of March 7, 2017 ~5-6 PM.)

In real life, the next day in the evening, I was in a soccer field late at ~5-6 PM alone.

I am looking at the sky on the West and saw swiftly two moons. They are positioned in the same way as I saw them in the dream today at 4:00 AM, one behind and above the other, equal in size. The one behind and above was darker, not very dark but a moon with less light. It run out of my face and I was not sure of what I saw. I was awake and was wondering of what I saw. No one to tell about what I thought was an illusion but it was real.

Then I remember now the vision I saw today at 4:00 AM.

Have you seen two moons in your dreams and visions? if you did, share it.


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  1. Trinidadwarrior777

    In 2018 and last year 2019 I’ve had a few dreams where I looked up at the sky and noticed what appeared to be two sun like planets. One looked like the moon during the daytime which often occurs in the natural. But In the dream I knew it to be a second planet of some sorts moving closer to earth. It was obvious in the dream that this second moon or planet was abnormal and appeared very suddenly. The fact it was moving closer ,gaining in size as it approached was a scary feeling. Otherwise I never understood why it was there , but then again I have read alot about Planet X and Niburu messages prior to these dreams…
    The sky turning red and then a pitch black mass covering the sky was also a terrifying part of another dream I had this year 2020. The blackness as it moved closer literally would make it appear to blind people. Not one ounce of light could be soon once this darkness came in. Watching it move across the sky felt not only real but as if it was alive.

  2. KarenO

    Isaiah 60:19 – 20?

    19 No longer will the sun be your light by day,

    nor the brightness of the moon shine on your night;d

    for the LORD will be your everlasting light,

    and your God will be your splendor.

    20 Your sun will no longer set,

    and your moon will not wane;

    for the LORD will be your everlasting light,

    and the days of your sorrow will cease.

    John 9:4 says “I must work the works of Him who sent Me, for night comes, when no man can work.”

    Perhaps God was showing you the promise of our future – that there will be no wonder at His power (for we are praying for it to be shown in all it’s glory.)

    1 John 1:5 – God is light, & in Him there is no darkness at all.

    Perhaps we are not going to be worrying about getting our witness to His power done >>in time<< for that blessed day! His glory will shine forth, it would be very hard for a magician to make an illusion of two moons in the sky!

    Blessings, Brother McKana!

  3. Peter

    The lights are the watchers space ships

  4. Ivanete

    Querido MCkana,
    Ontem sonhei com três luas, todas cheias e idênticas umas as outras, após ver essas luas via estrelas se movendo para frente em curto percurso e por três vezes iguais elas se moveram e percebi que a terra também se movia no mesmo sentido e espaço tempo. Logo após, começou a aparecer nuvens escuras. Percebi que por a terra se mover rapidamente começaria a acontecer algum tipo de deslizamento ou terremotos. No sonho pensei em salvar os alimentos guardados dentro de casa, caso a mesma desabase com o terremoto. Contudo, a casa não desabou e deslizou para um vale plano e aparentemente firme. No momento pensei: o que o Senhor Jesus quer dizer com a casa deslizar para um vale? Por que a casa não estava em um monte sobre a rocha?

  5. Christian Robert

    Thank you brother McKana! Several years ago I did much research on dreams and visions posted on YouTube by Christians and non-Christians. I do recall seeing several people sharing dreams with two moons asking for an explanation, but none was ever given. I myself am also not sure what two moons represent, other than the Bible saying in Psalm 89 that the moon is “the faithful witness in the sky” and perhaps two moons means two faithful witnesses in the sky, combined with the fact that everything needs to be established by at least 2 witnesses. But this is such a mysterious sign that only the Lord can reveal the true meaning.

  6. KarenO

    I looked up 2 moons, & we did briefly have a tiny asteroid circling earth in February, apparently!
    So, even though it was not as pointed as what you saw, it is true!

  7. McKana

    Thank you so much Dear Brothers and sisters.
    True, we will wait until the Lord revels the mystery. Many have seen it and it has a meaning.

    I have seen Planet X and Niburu over four times and I have posted what I saw here in the web-page.

    Darkness many times. The darkness that you saw in 2020 looks it is the palpable three days of darkness falling which will not allow any sort of light to pass through it.

    Thank you Dear Karen
    Brother Robert
    Let us keep ourselves closer to our dear Lord. The crown of life is what matters, the rest is nothing, as per the word of the Lord given to me some five years ago.
    God bless you all


  8. Cassandra

    I dreamed of a straight row of 5 moons/planets. One of them became more detailed in appearance. I was at my mom’s in FL and announced “that one’s nibiru!” This dream was a couple years ago.

  9. NOBLE

    CERN – makes hologram projections that will make you question reality. Part of the end-time deception.

    Matthew 24:24

    “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect”

  10. Terri Graham

    In response to your question pertaining to dreaming about 2 moons;

    Dream on 5/21/19

    One dream, but 3 distinctly different events. They may or may not be related. If anyone is able to interpret this dream, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, and you would kindly share It with us, that would be much appreciated!
    Note: Scene 1 pertains to 2 moons followed by thick darkness that was descending on the earth.

    Scene 1:

    I was in an expensive store in a shopping mall. I was pushing my shopping cart into a checkout lane. The cart was full of expensive clothes and accessories. It was difficult to navigate the cart because clothes would fall out onto the floor. Finally, I made it to the register. I told the man who was checking me out that I want to put the clothes in layaway. He responded by talking very fast and I was unable to understand anything he said to me. After several attempts, I finally told him “I don’t understand what you’re saying”. He asked another associate to check me out.
    I found it very difficult to talk with this associate because he challenged everything I said. Finally, I decided it wasn’t worth it so I left the mall to get in my car and go home.
    I walked out of the store into what appeared to be a very large parking lot and it was completely surrounded by fencing (approx size of a football stadium), and the only way out of the lot was to exit a gate which was on the opposite side of the mall ( furthest point away). I realized I was going out the wrong door and turned around to go back in when I saw guards dressed in uniforms and holding onto the leashes of ferocious looking and sounding dogs – refusing to allow anyone that was outside the store back in. I looked behind me and saw 2 other people. The guards turned the dogs lose to chase the people away and laughed as they did it. I made it through the gate and a woman and her husband also made it out behind me. At this point it was pre-dusk/dusk outside. There wasn’t any parking lot lights illuminating the parking area making it difficult for us to find our cars.

    I looked up in the sky ahead of me because I saw a white light swirling. I watched it as I continued walking when I suddenly noticed the swirling light move to the right of 2 bright full moons. I thought that to be very strange, so I asked the woman and man walking several feet behind me if they also see the 2 moons. At first they said they didn’t, but Soon after I heard the man scream out “YES, I see the 2 moons now”, he grabbed his wife’s hand and they started running to their car. He was terrified as he watched the darkness fall to the ground. The darkness wasn’t normal – it was thick and it caused great fear to all who saw it. I got in my car and drove extremely fast to the first place I could find where I could see lights and people. I knew I had to get indoors before the darkness fell to the earth.

    Scene 2:

    I was talking with a woman who was describing to me how to get to various places inside of a the shopping mall (one long building). I remember walking up a spiral staircase, as we talked, with steps designed in multiple colored stripes and I became dizzy, but I made it to the top. The woman I was talking with took off in the opposite direction from me.

    I Then found myself on an escalator, and I was descending to a floor with an entrance into one room. Everyone in the escalator was headed to that room. While descending, I looked ahead of me and I saw (To my surprise and disgust),
    Children performing sexual acts with other children (approx 8-9 years old), and their parents were watching it happen, and even encouraged it. In fact, one woman on the steps was telling me, as she pointed to her husband on the bottom floor, how wonderful it was that her husband was sexually aroused by a man. Both her husband and the other man she was referring to were completely exposed by the time the escalator reached its destination. I was shocked & disgusted by what I was seeing. Someone else on the escalator somehow figured out that I didn’t know what to expect when I got to the bottom floor and enter the room. This person preceded to tell me what my role would be once I enter the room. The perversion was unbelievable!! I knew I had to get out of there, and I did!

    Scene 3:

    I was sitting in what I would describe as an amphitheater (an indoor theater that was built to wrap around the mountains), and it was packed with people. What we all saw in front of us (center) were tall mountains (taller than the Amphitheatre) and they completely surrounded us. We were able to see the ground below the mountains. It’s as though we had an Ariel view of the mountains, and yet the mountains surrounded us at the same time. It was dark in the Amphitheatre and the mountains outdoors were lit up as though they were on display. I noticed that suddenly a thick liquid substance (appeared to have color) started flowing over the top back of the mountains and continued flowing towards the ground. It started slow but got increasingly faster. I realized that in a very short period of time that the amphitheater would soon be covered by lava, leaving no survivors. I yelled out to make those around me aware of what was coming so they would be prepared. There was no escape.

    Thanks McKana!

  11. McKana

    Thank you Dear Terri Graham
    Today is June 11, 2020 and I saw the three dreams you had.
    First, thank you for sharing what you saw. Many have seen tow moons and more and the interpretation was give form the Creator. Clearly two or more, the moons are signs and you have eyes to see, spiritual eyes.
    The darkness is what I have also been seeing many times. Darkness is sin, evil and forces of darkness. We are heading to the dark days-Judgement, Tribulation,

    I have seen basements a number of times. They elevator descending to the basement is, close to the pit of the pit of hell. I have seen weird things and demonic entities in the basement. That is a place as you have seen where there is a lot of demonic activity is taking place. Evil as you have seen, the closest to he.

    Keep praying, repent and try to stay closer to the Lord and focus on the lord alone. Most of us are judging ourselves and set the standards. The judge is the Lord and inquire of the Holy spirit to guide you what the meaning of what the Lord showed you. The Lord has a reason to show us personal matters so that we learn and correct them.

    Thank you and God bless you.

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