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Much Death Destruction – Victoria Ang

Much Death Destruction

Victoria Ang


This morning I was in much intercessory prayer feeling the weight and burden of the sadness of those suffering. Those that are loss. The pain and hardships people are going through around the world.

While in prayer I received a vision of the number 56. Which means “ mourn, lament”!

As I continued to stay in prayer I received another vision of buildings crumbling in on one another. And land in so much destruction and devastation. I saw people dirty and frail left wandering in the ruins. Such darkness on the land. Everything looking grey and gloomy. I could sense all joy was gone and just complete sadness and pain lingered in the air .
As I watched the vision I could see the flag of the USA lying beneath all the rubble . It was ripped to sheds.

Next I see in this vision the words “ TIMES UP”!!!! It was flashing like a huge warning sign.

Next I see casket ,upon casket ,upon casket parading in front of me in the vision ( means MUCH death will occur)! And the vision ended. …….

Please stay in prayer! We keep our eyes on the Lord to guide and direct our steps! God bless all of you! Our strength in in the Lord !


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