Msgs I believe from the Lord…. – Jeff Andrews


Msgs I believe from the Lord….

April 27, 2021 11:09 PM
Jeff Andrews

October 17, 2020

This dream occurred early on the morning of October 17 2020. Shown in the dream was a bay shared by two different countries with the border between these two countries running down the middle of the bay. On either side of the bay were port facilities for the two different countries but they seemed relatively close, less than a kilometre from each other towards the head of the bay. Looking to the mouth of the bay, I was on the right hand side of the bay, standing on a wharf with several other people. These other people gave the impression of being wharf supervisors, stevedores, provedores etc. I was unable to distinguish the bay or the countries depicted.

In the dream – a warship, one of the port workers named it the Shen Dao (possibly Zheng Dao or some other derivative), was being towed into the bay by a couple of tugboats, and guided towards a berth at the port in the other country on the other side of the bay. In the dream I was led to believe that the warship had suffered significant damage, possibly in a battle at sea. No one on the wharf where I was standing seemed to have any undue interest in the arrival of this ship. This with the exception of one man who was running up and down the wharf attempting to warn people that there was something more sinister going on – however no one expressed any interest. I was abruptly woken by a neighbourhood disturbance at 3:23am sensing the possibility that dream was incomplete. Having asked God for clarity – no further details were forthcoming however.

My Comment: I am unclear the significance of this dream, or what it may have revealed if in fact it had been cut short. I’m not sure what the significance is of the name of the ship – Google reveals a couple of references to both China and Taiwan with the variations of the different spellings. Initially I wondered if this was perhaps an insight to increased tensions between the two. While God has not revealed any further details to me, I am including this now with the possibility it may fill in gaps in someone-else’s revelation. Strongly advise Gods discernment and guidance from God on this.

February 10, 2021

The second dream occurred midweek. I was standing on the tarmac of at an airport (vaguely similar to my local airport) waiting to board a flight. A Pure white (no visible markings) twin engine jet aircraft similar, if not the same, as a Boeing 737 took off from a runway on my left hand side but then, almost immediately, began to perform some erratic manoeuvres indicating the aircraft was out of control. The aircraft passed overhead then began to climb vertically. The passengers boarding my aircraft viewed the events and gasped, I recall one crying out it was going to crash. Sure enough the aircraft climbed, then stalled and plummeted to the ground in a fireball. I recall running into the airport terminal and with the belief that family might have mistook the crashed aircraft for the one I was on, used a payphone to call home to indicate I was Okay. My father answered the phone, which was truly bizarre – at the time of the dream he had been deceased for a little over two years.

My Comment: This one has me even more perplexed. Initially I thought it might be a reference to the USA, being as it was a 737 aircraft. The pure white nature of the aircraft, representing god establishing that nation, but the erratic nature of the flight and the crash suggesting some sort of judgement on that nation was near. I can’t however explain the reference to my deceased father (who in the end was a loyal servant of the Lord – but was constantly under attack by Satan). Again, there has been no additional information forthcoming that I can add any value – request you seek Gods discernment on this one too.

April 16, 2021

I was turning in for the evening shortly before midnight. While not a royalist, I was mindful the next day was the funeral of HRH Duke of Edinburgh. Noting his mother was interred in Jerusalem, and considered “Righteous amongst nations” for sheltering Jewish refugees from the holocaust, and also noting the Prince had fought the Nazis/Fascists and Totalitarianism throughout WW2 , I extended a short prayer for him. But also noting his service at sea I said a short prayer asking God to prepare the ships of Tarshish for their role in returning Gods people to the Holy Land when that time comes – Isaiah 60:9 – “For the Coastlands shall hope for me, the ships of Tarshish first, to bring your children from afar”. Keen to get some sleep I was blessed with a vision that I’m still getting to grips with, even now a couple of weeks later. I was taken to a vision immediately of a Jesus, silhouetted by a bright light, standing in front of a large gathering of people (possibly Angels) with his arms outstretched. These gathered figures were also silhouetted by the bright light. I was surprised however, the figures gathered in front of him weren’t worshipping him as I would expect, but more busy preparing for a task. It was almost as though Jesus was blessing them as they were preparing to head out on an assignment of some description.

My Comment: This was my first visual encounter with our Lord Yeshua Hamashiach/Jesus Christ and it’s fair to say I’m still ecstatic. I woke up pretty much straight away and pondered the meaning of the vision for quite some time before eventually getting back to sleep. I wondered, and still do, if this was reference to Jesus preparing Angels to return to bring the rest of his servant’s home, at a time that he will reveal? As always request you seek discernment from God….

God Bless You All
Jeff Andrews

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