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Moslems Killing Christians – Lady Aribeth

Moslems Killing Christians 

Dec 11, 2019 7:39 AM
Lady Aribeth

Somehow this might also apply to others too in america. That’s the feeling I am getting with this dream, but also my hometown .

Dream dec 11 2019

Seeing an image of two small to average size fish
tanks.. One with small neon fishes which I really
liked and were very colourful, and the other tank
having these big, huge black, ugly fishes with big
dorcal fins on top of them. These big ugly bad fish
were in a clear tank with clear, clean water.

Next scene, the big black ugly fish were eating all
the small neon fish! There were so many big black
huge fishes, but I didn’t not know how many neon fish there were, and I now don’t recall now seeing their tank even! The big black ugly fishes tank was average size in looks, kinda like a small average size tank.

Anyways, I remember hating these big bad black fishes in the dream. I just didn’t want to be near them! But here I am looking down at these ugly fish in their small sized fish tank and seeing the clear water.

Then the words came…personal dream, fishes are
people and the neon fishes somehow also represented the church aka body of believers. With the big black ugly fish I got the word, moslems??? And somehow having to do with my town even????

Ok, what the heck is going on here! Sheesh!

Also the focus was on the big black top dorcal fins???

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