More Strange Things Will Appear – Karen Newberry

Dozens of sheep spent 12 days in a row walking in a nearly perfect circle on a farm in China’s Inner Mongolia region.

More strange things will appear

November 22, 20222 2:16 PM
Karen Newberry

I went into prayer yesterday with the Lord and asked him about the all the strange things taking place and this is what I began to hear. I received this 11/21/22

Daughter it is I the I AM
Daughter write,

More strange things will appear in your world.
Even the animals know of my soon return. I made them.
Daughter I said there would be signs and wonders many ignore them, few see them.
But the few that do see them their eyes are open
Times are no more they need to repent
I AM at the door
Strange behavior is signs I am providing
grace is closing
The ark door is almost closed
As in the days of Noah it will be when the son of man returns
Daughter do you see now all this is connected?
I give signs to warn
You must have eyes to see and ears to hear
Daughter they know my voice
The birds, the sea life, the land animal’s know I am close at the door
Who all will enter my ark?
For when the door closes there is no going back
Daughter seek me and pray for times are no more

Love abba

The verses I was lead to was genesis chapter 6 and 7 and second Peter chapter 3:2


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