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More 911 Warnings

Sep 24, 2019, 10:33 AM

This message was received 9.24.19 shortly before 3:33 am

I shared before on this site that I am fairly new to hearing God’s voice giving me a message. The Lord has mostly spoken to me through numbers and names which serve as warnings of things to come, both bad and good.

On 9.19.19 I started seeing the number 911.
Thursday 9.19.19 – The Lord called me “daughter” and had me look at the time. It was 9:11 pm. He told me He had allowed me to see that number to share with the body of Christ, that a CATACLYSMIC EVENT was coming. I posted that message in a previous post on this site. (As I’m writing all this down, the Lord is telling me to look at the time. It is 3:33 am 9.24.19)

Friday 9.20.19 – It was about 5pm and I was driving on the road when I heard our state’s emergency broadcasting system alarm go off. To my knowledge, the emergency broadcasting system’s alarm only goes off for testing at the beginning of each month. Any other time would be considered an emergency. The news later reported that it had accidentally been triggered, but it reminded me that we are living in perilous times.

Saturday 9.21.19 – I was in my car at an intersection, waiting for the light to change. I glanced to my right and noticed a fire truck next to me. At first I thought it was parked but realized it was right alongside me. As I stared at the fire truck I noticed the numbers 911 on the side panel. As I continued staring the thought came to me that maybe the Lord was showing me something.

Sunday 9.22.19 – I had just driven in to the front parking of my condominium when I thought I heard yelling coming from the building. There was arguing that was escalating so I dialed 911 on my phone. After the police arrived I left and went about my business.

Later that evening I was checking my Kindle and came across the number 911. I don’t have a tv, but the 911 was apparently the title of an American drama that was live streaming. At this point I was starting to take note of that number again.

Monday 9.23.19 – Driving on my way home I was stopped at an intersection. I looked around and to my right I noticed an ambulance alongside me. As I stared at the ambulance my eyes were drawn to the number 911 on its’ side. I thought back to the fire truck I had seen a few days earlier. At that point I KNEW the Lord was sending out SOS SIGNALS in the form of the number 911.

I don’t know what’s coming although the Lord has been sending warning after warning to His children. I pray that we heed His continued warnings.

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