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Monsters Across The Land

July 24, 2020 5:34 PM

I was reading the recent 7.23.20 prayer request on this site by Jonathan and it jolted my memory. Earlier this month I had a vision and wrote a few words based on the vision but it wasn’t really anything put together so I laid it aside – until now that is.

For the past month or so I have been led to the word ‘monsters’. I have seen this word so often I don’t even note it down in my notebook anymore.

On the morning of 7.9.20 I had a flash vision of what looked like a ‘pikachu’ a short, chubby, yellow colored creature that belongs to the ‘pokemon’ species. Pokemon literally means ‘pocket monster’. In my vision, these ‘pikachu’ were popping up all over a large green colored background (possibly a map based on the angle) but I couldn’t say exactly where. These ‘pokemon’ characters literally kept multiplying and multiplying until they filled the enter area.

According to a post in CharismaNews titled ‘Is Pokemon Go Evil, Dangerous or Demonic?” by Michael Snyder (7/15/16)…

“The Pokemon are supposed to be “monsters” that have special powers and share the world with humans. Like many video games, Pokemon is riddled with occult concepts. Concepts like “magical stones”, teleportation, ghosts, all-seeing eye, psychic power and using spirits to achieve results in the real world are all givens in this game realm. All of this is contrary to scripture. The Pokemon games and comics, etc., teach….a magical worldview that is completely opposed to the Bible.”

I posted several articles here on this site 444ProphecyNews that the ‘monsters are coming’. From what I’ve been shown and from what other messengers have shared – it appears they are coming in every size, shape and form imaginable. Based on the frequency of the word ‘monsters’ the Holy Spirit has led me to – I believe we are getting closer to the time when the real ‘monsters’ will one day return to inhabit the earth.


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  1. Well, my fellow Millennials and I always wondered what it would be like if the “Pokemon” were real. Well, looks like we will get our wish. We have wished without thinking of the consequences. May God have mercy on all people specially my generation of young adults.

  2. White bird

    Since this game is for kids, I can’t help but wonder if this warning is for teenagers and young adults. I wonder if there’s a connection.

  3. Cryptic1

    Evil wears many disguises. That which appears innocent and harmless is starting to unveil itself.
    Satan has certainly laid a snare for the youth.

    We need to raise our voices in prayer for this generation.

  4. BlueWalrus009783

    I wouldn’t say that. A video game. You obviously have no clue as the truth to what is going on. Search the internet for human hybrid, reptilian, D.U.M.B. the scriptures say take the word of christ to every creature, tongue, and nation. If you think only humans live on this planet your mistaking. The ten tribe exist in the hollow earth, admiral byrd meet them. Others are satans seed, reptilian, draconian, lucifarin etc. Why did god place enmity between eve seed and satan seed. Why do the scriptures talk about wheat and tares, why cant you identify them. Only by their fruits. Because they are among us. The NWO with satan is looking to take over. Also the united state ordered 100,000 box cars with shackles and installing guillotine for the believers.

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