Dream, Economic Collapse

money will soon be worthless – Victoria Ang

money will soon be worthless

March 3, 2020
Victoria Ang

Received 3/2/2020

I received a dream where I was on a highway. There was a truck and trailer in front of me. As I was going down the highway I noticed a car going in the wrong direction. But the car was weaving back and forth from left to right. Then suddenly it swerved and came to a sudden stop directly in front of the truck in front of me.

The scene changed and I was standing in the trailer of the truck in front of me. There was a donkey in the trailer .The man that owned the vehicle was taking out the donkey that had hit his head on the trailer during the incident with the car going in the wrong direction.

I walked to the inside front end of trailer and noticed a plexiglass area filled with loose money. The money was piled high but started to fall. The unknown man came back in the trailer and started to put the money in stacks and banded them ,as in stacks with currency bands .He took the money out of the trailer. As he did I noticed a quarter size piece of the money sitting on the floor. When he came back in I handed it to the man and he put it in an envelope and left the trailer again and the dream ended.

Interpretation :

The stock market has been going up and down , back and forth and now going in the wrong direction( down) but will now take a sharp turn , as it heads towards a complete crash.It will hit soon HEAD ON. Those that have been saving up money will soon find it gone. And worthless. And those that have been too stubborn to listen with have to suffer the consequences of enduring the pain of the loss.

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