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May 5, 2024 7:45 PM
Olasubomi Williams
Genesis 3:1-11, Daniel 2:24-45, Jude 1, Revelations 13

Modification of human genetics is an abomination to me. the human DNA is special to me and should not be tampered with. Anything or anyone who modifies his/her genetics is at risk of hell fire, the land of eternal torment and burning. Humanity was never made to be genetically modified. You all are made in my image. So why then will you cast off restraint and try to become higher than me. Do you not know I am THE MOST HIGH and you all are my children. Even in your sins, I still have and will continue to have mercy on you. Come to me in repentance and let me heal you.

There is no repentance for a modified human. He/she has received their reward here on earth. These ones will never enter my kingdom. A half human, half machine/mods will never enter my kingdom. Genetic modification is a process of modifying the human flesh and the DNA to that of a machine or an automaton. In the delusion of the heart of men, they have decided to accept and bring about their own destruction. It is anti-human, it is anti YAH, it is anti me. I made you perfect. What more do you want from me my children? I have already given you the promise of eternal life. Is that not enough for you? The tools of satan being used to destroy you is what you wish to adopt and use.

But that which gives life, my words, and my presence, you run from it. You say it is too much and it is not useful for today’s time. I pity your very souls. Do not receive the mark of the beast, else, death will be your portion and you will be with your father the devil, forever and ever.

Do not accept the neuralink, for it is not what it is advertised to be. It is the mark of the beast, at least one of the mark. It is a device used to control you, your thoughts and actions. The neuralink was designed to enslave mankind as well as the RFID nanochip that many have implanted into their right hand. These ones have no salvation and their lot is in hellfire as they are waiting to be judged. It is no small thing that the neuralink chip is advertised to the public as this technology has been existing since the 1990’s. It only reached mainstream media now, because they believe that now is the time to reveal it. It is here and it is here to stay, until my kingdom come.

At first, they will use it on people who are disabled and debilitated. Then, like a cancer, they will use it on athletes, then in the hospitals and then like a plague, it will reach the common user. Then it will be passed into law and it will limit the normal man from getting critical jobs mostly jobs in tech. Then when society finally collapse. They will roll out the full capability of this technology in full force. Some nations will accept this whilst other will reject this technology at first due to their fear of the people as well as their moral values and ideals holding them together. However, in the end, All the countries of the world will come together under one mind, like someone possessed with wine, they will all agree to enforcing the mark of the beast and many will fall into the lie of the enemy.

That is all my son, Yeshua ha Mashiach. Shalom

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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