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Mobilizing for War – Sandra

Mobilizing for War

May 24, 2020 1:52 AM

My Testimony

I have been a regular reader on this sight, but this is my first time contributing.

Prompted by the Holy Spirit, for the encouragement and edification of the followers of Jesus:

The Instruction

In the middle of the night, about 10 years ago my one son, then about 3 years old, called me from his room. When I came to his bedroom he was sitting straight up in bed and told me: “Jesus said run, run fast!” He went back to sleep and the following morning I asked him about this dream. It was obvious that he didn’t remember anything. I was quite perplexed why the Lord would tell a small boy to “Run, run fast!”. Later it dawned on me that maybe the message was not for him, but for me.

The Rapture Dream 

A few years ago, I had a dream: It was night-time. I stay in South Africa. I was standing and the next moment I shot straight up in the air. As I was ascending, I was thinking to myself: “The Rapture at Last!” I felt extremely excited and joyful. The next few days I was still feeling exceedingly joyful in my spirit.


On the day Obama was inaugurated as president, I was watching the proceedings. I knew his name was Barak Obama. However, on this day his full name was referred to as “Barak Hussein Obama”. When I heard these words, I felt a shiver down my spine and thought: “’Hussein’, he must be a muslin. Why on earth did they vote for a muslim president?”

Three days of darkness

One day, last year, while I was attending to the dishes and contemplating the possible 3 days of darkness. The Holy Spirit impressed on me 1 Thessalonians 5:4 “But you, brothers and sisters, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief.”

Another translation says, “But you, brothers, are not in the darkness so that this day should overtake you like a thief.” I have always believed that there will be a warning before this day.

Fighter jets

One Friday evening in October 2019 I awoke to the sound of a fighter yet flying very low over our house and then another followed. The sound was deafening. I immediately felt an uneasiness in my spirit.

Later that morning I was walking and talking with a friend. At one stage she asked me if I heard the fighter jets passing over and I said yes. She said it was 3 am, and that she got very scared.

Still later that same morning I was watching a video about an interview about Deutsche Bank. The interviewer was talking to a guy sitting in a park. Suddenly the guy in the park said he apologises for the noise, but 2 fighter jets just passed overhead.

That evening we were having drinks with our neighbours. My friend asked me if we heard the aeroplanes passing overhead. I said yes. She replied, it was Russian fighter planes.

I did a search and found that on 23 October 2019, : “Russian Blackjack bombers arrive at Waterkloof airbase” two bombers, capable of launching nuclear missiles are the first to land in Africa.

Mobilizing for war 

During May this year, I was lying in bed and wondering what to expect after the virus and lockdown has passed.

I heard the words “mobilizing for war” in my spirit. On conducting a search, I found: Mobilization, in military terminology, is the act of assembling and readying troops and supplies for war. The word mobilization was first used, in a military context, in the 1850s to describe the preparation of the Imperial Russian Army.”

All praise to God, who reveals all things to His people.

Kind regards



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