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Missiles & Nuclear ☢️ Mushroom – Alcidez A Torrez

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Missiles & Nuclear ☢️ Mushroom

December 10, 2022 2:09 PM
Alcidez A Torrez

shalom to all, may Yeshua bless you all. The last days of October 2022 I had 2 short dreams, one dream was Wednesday and the other Thursday the next day. My first dream is like in a field, I only see trees around me and suddenly I hear a noise and see in the distance four large missiles coming out of the ground upwards and I kept looking in that direction and saw that they were coming about 10 large missiles but these missiles were falling from the sky in the direction where the other 4 missiles came from and I woke up at that moment.

This is my second dream!! I am painting a window on top of a scaffolding (I work painting) and in the back of the house that I am working on there is a lake and passing the lake like some small mountains, suddenly I see a large missile falling in that direction I close my eyes for a moment and I open them again and I see in the distance the cloud in the shape of a mushroom that is growing upwards and at that moment it begins like a soft air to blow in the direction where I was and then like a strange buzz and I am inside the house climbed on the scaffolding and some people who were outside gardening were also looking at the mushroom cloud and I yelled at them at that moment to come into the house but they didn’t listen to me, I got off the scaffolding and at that moment The wind hit with terrible force and shattered the window I was painting and pieces of glass fell to the ground and one of the gardeners was pushed against the wall of another house next door and hit his face on a brick wall. I saw it through a small window next to the house where it was, the house shook when the shock wave reached it. the nuclear missile fell at a considerably long distance but I could still see the mushroom cloud and the gust of wind hit the place where I was strongly (I live in north carolina an hour away from the military base), this It’s the funny thing about my dream because in my dream these days I’m working in that place exactly like in my dream, some houses are near the lake at the back of the house. the possibility of a nuclear attack or nuclear war is growing and YHWH is warning us that it is soon to happen

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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